2018 Raffle tickets now available!

Tickets for our 2018 Raffle are now available. Tickets are being posted to individuals on our distribution list.  Please contact our shelter if you haven’t received tickets by 1st May 2018, and would like some sent out to you. The raffle will be drawn during our 29th July 2018 shelter Open Day at 3.30pm. 1st prize is £500, with other … Read More

Dog crates available for hire!

There are circumstances where a cat owner may need short-term use of a crate – cage rest following an operation for example.  Often this is for a short and finite time period and so the expense of purchasing a new crate may seem excessive. In these circumstances, we have a number of crates at our shelter and we are happy … Read More

We’re now on eBay!

2018 has seen LCR become a seller on eBay for Charity.  This gives us an opportunity to sell some of the best quality and antique donations we receive to the widest audience possible. For further details, click here

Shop Volunteers Needed!

More details about this and other Lothian Cat Rescue volunteering opportunities can be found on the Volunteering section of this website.