Lothian Cat Rescue is a NO-KILL shelter and registered charity which helps abandoned, ill-treated and unwanted cats & kittens.

We successfully rehome around 1,000 cats and kittens each year and this is our main priority.

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2 days ago

Lothian Cat Rescue

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Sarah Mcpherson

Lovely photos.i lost my furbaby in september and i miss him so much it hurts. Maybe one day i might get another.

I am a star

Gorgeous cats! Lothian cat rescue are amazing!!!

Love to see them all happy in their forever homes. Well done 👍 LCR x

Shared x

So like my Tommy the tabby!!

I'm a star too says Sweets but my mum says I'm a diva ..

Our beautiful Ava came to us from Lothian Cat Rescue and we adore her! She runs the house now completely but we are more than happy to be her servants.

Fudge says hi xx

Scamp nee Anya a lothian cat rescue 3 years ago. She thinks she's a dog😀

Beauty and cinders say hi . They are very spoilt 2 we adore them both xxx

Aw they all look so happy

Diesel now 14,has been with us five years now.He has a lumpy leg which doesn't stop him climbing on roofs and fences badge and our rescue dog now live amicably together.

Do you rehome these cats? Like can you come to the centre and choose cats?

So enjoyed the kitty updates ❤️🐱🐱🐱🐱❤️

It’s fantastic to see them all happy. It’s also fantastic we have you LCR as these poor cats would still be homeless or worse. So from a cat lover and mum to two cats thank you xx

I just squealed with the cuteness of all these cats.

My gorgeous Binky from LCR seven years ago! Came for 2 kittens and left with him. He definitely chose us!!! Love him so much xxx

Ally Swan any chance we can give a wee beauty a home?

Dot and Dolly my 2 girls from lcr 😻

My best pal Hamish adopted from you in 2006. He is 15 or 16 now.

So reassuring to hear all those heart felt kitty stories ... so many loving humans out their!! Meows and purrs 🐱🐾🐱🐾🐱

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