Cat ownership is a long-term commitment

This is a picture of a kitten. A kitten can be a 20 year commitment

A kitten can be a 20 year commitment

It’s quite common for a cat to reach the grand old age of 20, and so the decision to adopt a cat is not one to be taken lightly.

If you’re considering becoming a cat owner, there are lots of things we recommend you consider.

Basic cat care

What do you consider basic cat care means and who will be responsible for this?

  • Feeding – several times a day for kittens. Twice a day for cats
  • Refreshing water – daily
  • Changing and cleaning litter trays – at least once a day
  • Grooming – daily for some cats
  • Interaction/play-time – daily
  • Monitoring for injury/illness – daily
  • Flea treatment – monthly depending on product
  • Worming – every 3 months depending on product
  • Routine vet health checks – annually


How much will basic cat care cost and how much can you afford to spend on your cat?

What happens if your cat becomes unwell or has an accident? How will you manage the cost of this?

Your day-to-day life

How much time will you be able to dedicate to your cat?  Do you have the time to nurture a kitten or would a cat be a better for you? If the cat will spend a portion of the day alone or if your social life takes up large chunks of your evenings and weekends, who will ensure your cat remains mentally stimulated and engaged? Would you be better getting two cats rather than just one so they can provide company to each other?  If you plan to let your cat outside, will you provide a cat-flap?  If you want a long-haired or pedigree cat, do you have the time to dedicate to their daily grooming, or would you be better with a short-haired moggie?

Who will look after your cat when you go on holiday?  What would happen to your cat if you got called away for an emergency?

Existing pets

How will any existing pets feel about a new cat in the home?

A change in your circumstances

What happens to your cat if your home situation changes?  What if your relationship breaks up?  What if you welcome a baby to your family?  What if you need to move with your job? If you’re still living at home, what will happen to your cat if you move out?

What would happen to your cat if anything happens to you?


If you are considering adopting a cat and would like to discuss how cat ownership might fit with your lifestyle, please do contact our shelter.