Star Cats

This page is dedicated to the cats who through us, and thanks to you, have found a new and happy life.

We love receiving updates on our cats so if you’ve rehomed a Lothian Cat Rescue fur-ball,  please do stay in touch!  You can email us with an update on your cat to us at  Or pop an update on our Facebook page.

Click on the images to find out more about these lucky cats and their new homes.

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An update on the recently adopted Ashley, now called Callie: "Callie is making herself right at home.  A little hissing from Lola and a few stern looks but otherwise all OK.  The oldest cat could not care less.  Anything that occupies Lola is all good. Long may it continue!"
Patrick picked up Darcie from the shelter at the beginning of September (02/09/2018).
"Just thought it would be nice to update you on how she has been doing! She only took a few days to settle down in her new home and to start enjoying the cuddles that were readily available. After getting the vaccinations that she needed to go outside, we have installed a cat flap so she is now out and about, roaming the gardens around the house! However, she still enjoys to be inside most of the day and night - especially when we are home. She seems to be very happy here!"
An update from Ruth & Eric: "Just an update on Floki (was Victor). As you can see he's now well settled in. He's a right wee character, with the ability to open the bedside cabinet drawer to get at his treats (that gave us a right laugh), and so loving!!!! We'll try letting him out for some fresh air in a couple of week's time but will be taking him to our vet to get him registered there next week first. Thanks for all your help over the phone re getting his tummy sorted out. Wishing you all a great 2019 and lots of rehoming success."
A message from Aly: "Just thought to let you know we are loving little Jaffa and Elijah in
our family. I think they are happy, very sweet little cats both really come into there own cute personalities! Thank you again."
Bob lost his gorgeous cat Max recently. "He was 19-20. Not sure as he was 5+ when we adopted him from the shelter. We got him on Feb 2006. This is my favourite picture of him in 2009. To say I’ll miss him isn’t even close. He was loved by my whole family. He’d only sit on my lap. No one else’s. Thank you for letting us adopt him in 2006."
Janice, John & catriona sent an update on Molly: "We can't begin thank you enough for introducing us to Molly!!  She is just the dearest wee soul, and, although it's not even three weeks since we took her home, she has settled so quickly and so well, it almost feels like she has always been with us.  She has brought SO much joy into our lives already and we feel VERY privileged that she chose us as much as we chose her. We attach a photo of her sitting on one of her favourite beds! With MANY, MANY thanks again and best wishes to all our your wonderful staff - and cats!"
A message from Erica: "Pandora was adopted from Lothian Cat Rescue in March of 2008. 11 years later, after moving to the US and travelling to Michigan, lazing about in Florida, and finally retiring in warm, sunny California, she passed on 1/2/2019. She was almost 20 years old! We wanted to thank you for rescuing her all those years ago. Pandora was perfect, and we loved every moment with her. Judging on her propensity for laps and snuggling, we are pretty sure she felt the same. We just wanted you to know that she had an amazing, long life and made a lot of friends around the world!"
An update from David: "Wylie is quite settled in now. He was out for a whole day after his trip to the vets on Monday and did not return until 9 in the evening. We thought we had lost him, but he seems happy to wander when the mood takes him."
Alison, Geoff, Jamie & Liberty wanted to contact us a year on to let us know how wonderful their two little brothers were doing. "It is exactly a year ago today I collected Spider and Cinnamon from you. They are settled in our family so well and we all adore them. They enjoy the whole house and garden and further a field, catching many mice, voles, shrew, birds and rabbits. Rural life certainly suits them. I have attached a photo from their last year - you can see how wonderful they are. Thank you for all the fantastic work you do helping families rehome kittens and cats."
Anne & Martin have sent a photo of their two LCR boys. "Merlin was adopted in May 2004 (aged 20 mths), he is now 16 and Jinxy was adopted in October 2009 (aged 4 mths) now 9 years old. Merlin is the grey/white tabby and Jinxy is the marmalade part Maine Coon – a great surprise the second winter when he grew his lovely main and winter coat! They love each other very much as you can see from the photos and are very happy to share their bed with a teddy or two!  Merlin has some health issues but is still active and enjoys being spoilt!  Jinxy is very healthy and loves being out and about. Best wishes to all at LCR for 2019."
Happy 1st Adoptaversary to this gourgeous duo <3 <3

"it has been a year today since we rehomed the amazing Marley and Leo from Lothian Cat Rescue. They are both so settled and full of personality. They love to play and love to cuddle up together. We were so lucky to find them after being so heart broken when Zola went missing. They are two very loved and spoilt cats"
Happy 8th adoptiversary the gorgeous Violet (prev. Misty)!

Her Mum says "She's an absolute delight and my best friend. Thank you LCR for getting us together and for all you do."

Wonderful <3
How wonderful is this. 

Wendy spent many months with us in 2018. She was our January Calendar girl since at the time the calendar was produced, she had the dubious honour of being our longest stay in -Pen resident. 

Wendy struggled in the shelter environment. She had withdrawn into her shell, and made sure she let anyone who approached her know she wasn’t happy!  We affectionate nicknamed her “whack-a-mole” - she had a habit lurking behind her top box door and attacking cleaning hands through her wee  cat flap!

Fortunately for Wendy, one of our volunteers saw her potential and she headed off to her new home in late Summer. 

What a difference a few months can make. Wendy is now known as a snuggle puss 🙂. And this is the latest message from her Mum:

“Wendy has been to the vets twice in 3 weeks to get a check up and some vaccinations. She was 7kg when she arrived with us, at her first appointment she was 5.4kg and just yesterday she was 5.1kg. The vet says she's in fabulous condition and of course, Wendy’s biggest achievement was letting us put her in a Cat carrier and letting the vet examine her!  My husband and I could not be prouder of her!”

So so delighted that this girl has her happy ending. Well done Wendy, and well done to her patient and loving Mum and Dad 🙂 

Happy 2nd Adoptaversady to the gorgeous, and very content-looking Nicky :-) 

"It is two years ago today that I adopted this fantastic feline from Lothian Cat Rescue (previously Smirnoff now Nicky.  He is so affectionate and loves playing with all his toys.  Thank you for bringing him into my life"

<3 <3
Happy 1st Adoptaversary to the beautiful Mia.  She has her people well trained ;-) <3

"A year ago this very affectionate trouble maker moved in after being with you for just a few days. Mia (was Mittens) loves naps and belly rubs in equal measure!"
Happy 4th Adoptaversary to the very handsome, and only slighly sneaky, wee Toby <3

"Here is our beautiful Toby! We have had him for 4 years today. He is still a fan of the sneak attack on unsuspecting legs and feet....especially in the middle of the night but is now well versed in head rubs and being a friendly boy....when he is in the mood!"
"Cleo is doing great, eating and drinking, peeing and pooping, playing, exploring and snoozing. She has ‘met’ both our cats through doors with just a few hisses - mainly from our two. 😉 She has also met Sam the Bengal briefly ‘face to face’ - they both got fed some lovely chicken today a few feet away from each other. Sam grumbled a bit and Cleo just looked at him. 😹 She seems quite a confident wee cat so here’s hoping things continue to go well! "
"3 months ago we adopted this handsome and loving boy Freddy (previously Wee Man). He has settled amazingly with our family and we can't imagine our life without him. He is very affectionate, especially in the evenings, and enjoys his little trips outside. We love him to bits. Thank you again Lothian Cat Rescue!"
This update on wee Jacob and Noah - former featured cats who spent most of the first year of their lives with us - makes my heart sing,  <3 <3

"Just an update on Jacob and Noah, the 2 cheekiest mischievous brothers you could ever meet! They love running and playing outside and inside by themselves and with their adopted cat family. They are totally in the thick of any naughtiness that’s happening! And are now contented settled happy boys who like a cuddle up with the other cats and even with me. And as you can see they love relaxing on the bed with me in the evening."
Just wanted to let you know that Minnie who we took home on 27th Jan has been settling in beautifully and is a very cuddly girl! We adore her <3"
Here’s a wee photo of our munchkin cats Cookie & Crumble (formerly known as Coco & Blue) who joined us in January. They are really affectionate wee kitties who have quickly have become part of the family.
Luna and Lilly (Baby) have settled in so well. They are loving and fun. A big day for them today as they started exploring outside. Many thanks for helping us home these beautiful girls.
Happy 1st Adoptaversary to this gorgeous duo :-) :-)

"We just wanted to wish Bruce and Winnie a happy first adpotaversary! We have had them for a whole year and we couldn't imagine life without these wee ginger guys. They are the most loving, friendly, greedy and naughty wee ones but we wouldn't have them anyother way. I would advise anyone not to put of by adopting older furries. These guys are full of life! Louise and Gavin"
"I got Barney from you back in March 2017. When I got him he was very timid and scared to come out from under the chair. After a little while he started coming out of his shell although he's still a bit unsure of going outside. He's just happy to be pampered indoors :-)"
Happy 1st Adoptaversary to the gorgeous Bob, who was a real character at our shelter :-). 

"One year ago we brought Bob home, originally called Bobby but shortened to Bob. We hadn't been shown him on the day, we were told he could be a bit aloof, and only found him on our walk around. He hadn't really had a home before, but he settled in straight away. he now lives the life of Riley, in and out his cat flap as he pleases. He is the funniest, maddest, and cutest thing ever. He lives live in the fast lane, and we are really happy to have his brand of crazy in our lives!!"
"My family and I were thrilled to adopt Mr Eli and we have all been delighted to get to know him. He’s been quite a confident, inquisitive wee cat who has been enjoying exploring"
"Just another wee update on Cleo. Well, she has settled in brilliantly. She has made friends with Sam the Bengal and they eat and play together. Sooty our old grumpy fluffball even puts up with her and they share rooms at night. Cleo hasn’t been outside yet but we will introduce her to that gradually in the next few weeks, weather permitting. Thank you so much for allowing us to be her people. "
"Sending you pictures of Jack and Jill our 2 wonderful and much loved yard cats at Gortonlee Farm. When they first arrived at the yard they wanted nothing to do with us but in a short amount of time they have come around and are now so happy to see us and hang out. Jill still doesn’t like being touched but Jack allows you to stroke him when he’s eating. They don’t appear to be scared of the horses but they do show a healthy respect for them and seem to enjoy watching them from the top of the straw bales. They are doing a great job at getting rid of the mice too (haven’t seen one for a few months now. Just want to say a big thank you for letting us give them a home from all at Gortonlee."
Heather and Morag were very scared wee girls when they left us.  Now called Posie and Rosie they much bigger and much more confident wee monkey-cats now :-)
Blue will celebrate his Adoptaversary on 3rd April - purrfect <3
Misty has been in her forever home for 2 yeras now - her Mum says "  She doesn't leave my husbands side. It's true love 😂😂🐱" <3
"Thought i would send you a wee update on Rosie and Lucie. Both settling in great! They’re a barrel of laughs and so cuddly!"
“Just wanted to give a little update on Alex. We adopted  him about a month ago and he has very much become part of the family. He is very vocal and purrs all day long. He is rather partial to playing with his toy mice, clicking the carpet and getting lots of cuddles. He is the sweetest cat who loves attention and we couldn't imagine our lives without him.”
“Thought I'd give you an update on Poppy now she has been with me just over 6 months. The first picture is a week after I brought her home the 2nd two taken 10 mins ago so you can see difference.  The good news is that she is a very contented, spoiled clever cat, too clever infact the 2nd picture was taken through the cat flap that she refuses to use as she has a very devoted owner to open doors for her. Every time she sees the vet they also remark on how healthy she is, which brings us to the not so good news, it seems her dermatitis wasn't caused solely by a flea allergy and she has been a frequent visitor to vet since January and from what the vet said yesterday this is likely to continue throughout her life. Hopefully we will get the current bout under control soon . Despite this couldn't imagine a better feline buddy to share my home with.”
Siobhan sent us this sad news: "It is with a very heavy heart that I have to share that Cisco died in his sleep last night, found by his devoted humans this morning - looking like he had simply slipped offWe got him in November 2017 from LCR and he has been so utterly well looked after and adored by us every single day. I don’t think he could have been happier. It appears his heart stopped perhaps a side effect of his cat flu he had as a kitten before we knew him. I hope you remember him he was a long haired, playful, docile grey tabby who was so handsome. 
I think it was Fern who showed us around that day and whilst we didn’t know he had had cat flu we would never have turned him down EVER. The love he gave us showed us how happy he was here in Longniddry."
An update from Ioana & Pete: "Just to let you know that Cooper is doing very well, considering is been with us only for 24 hours. He spent the evening in the kitchen watching me cooking and came in our bedroom during night time 😙He seems to be eating when everyone else is sleeping/ when he's alone in the house, probably needing just a little bit of time. I've attached a photo. Thank you very much for the support!"
An update on Cora from Janice: "All these measures we've put in place to offer  Cora a 'safe place', away from the dog, but she decided within ten minutes she was having none of it. She's more or less claimed the whole house, had a sleep in the dog's bed, stuck her nose in the dog's dish to see if that was more interesting and got away with all of that since the dog is totally bemused and has amazingly quickly become Cora's slave!! She 'cat talks' right in Millie's face, but I dont think the dog quite gets it yet as our other cats hardly ever spoke to her. Looks like we've made the right choice!"
Kimberly wanted to let us know how Timmy and Bambi, now Fred and George, were getting on.  "I adopted Fred and George a few weeks ago and I just wanted to give you an update on how the boys are getting on since joining the family. The boys were very timid when we got them, though Fred was curious and quick to come out of his shell. George initially liked to maintain his own space, hissed and growled if you were to intrude too much, but has had a complete turn around in the last week! Both boys are happy, playful, and extremely affectionate. George, who still hides when you enter a room, comes out almost instantly once he realises it’s me. He likes to snuggle on my lap, to sniff and lick my hands, and is very happy to be hand fed treats! Fred is there the moment I come through the door, purring and meowing his hellos, and he’s loves running amok in the toys he’s been given. We couldn’t be a happier family! Thank you so much for rescuing these boys and for bringing them into my life."
Margaret sent this news about Leah: "Here’s the most recent photo of Leah posing on her new scratchie thing😻😹"
Jacquie thought she would send us an update of our wonderful kittens which they got in May/June 2017.  "We came to look at a couple of kittens but ended up taking home ‘Trouble x 3’ aka Leo, Lewis and little Harris! In January 2018, Harris became VERY ill but the wonderful vets at the Dick Vet quickly admitted him to A&E and gave him a blood transfusion (not easy as he has rare blood type AB) and then put him on immunosuppressants and steroids. 
He was diagnosed with IMHA (Immune Mediated Haemolytic Anaemia) – a very long diagnosis for such a little boy.    Lots of TLC over a number of months and lots of blood checks and monitoring of progress and amazingly, after 6-9 months he is back to full health and very well indeed (and currently drug-free!). Apologies for the long wait for an update. Our excuse is it is extremely difficult getting photographs of all 3 cats together!"
Pamela emailed to say that Luna and Lilly (Baby) have settled in really well. "They are very confident and affectionate. We are so pleased they chose us."
Malachi moved in with Lisanne recently and he is settling in so well. "He is eating well, sleeping well and enjoys playing (especially with my niece Florence who has him sitting before he gets a treat!). He loves cuddles & likes to follow me wherever I go (unless he’s comfy on his new blanket!). Malachi is an absolute joy to have and I’m so glad he’s moved in."
Andrea & Mark wanted to give us an update on Murphy & Millie, who they brought home a few weeks ago from the Lothian Cat Rescue:
"Both cats are settling in well and are enjoying curling up in their favourite cosy spots and taking in the view from the windowsill. They were both very well-behaved during their vet visit this weekend. Attached is a photo of Murphy & Millie hanging out in their new home. We’re so happy to have them as part of our family 😸"
Sarah sent this update: "Here are some pictures of Ollie and Hughie, originally Jacob and Smokey, in their new home....they are very happy, exploring everything and really looking forward to discovering the garden soon! Thanks for all your help with 'the boys'!!"
Jen sent us this update on Sooty & Bonnie: "Bonnie is still skittish (she won't let me touch her at all) but she will sleep on the foot of my bed, and happily sleep in her wee bed under my telly, the warmest spot in the house! They spend most mornings lying on the windowsill that gets direct sun, snoozing happily. Sooty chirrups happily as soon as I get home from work, and follows me around the house as I settle in for the evening; as soon as I'm sitting on the couch, or in bed, he's right up clambering on top of me! He's also discovered the laser pointer; you'd never know he's 13 when he's running about after it!
I can't imagine life without these two beauties; thank you so much for suggesting them, and for letting me give them a lovely retirement home!"
Abi, Gilles, Isla & Torin wanted to report back to us that they are so happy with their new cats, Stella and Lexi. "They have now been with us for 8 wks but it feels like they have belonged to us forever. They are so loving and have settled in well with the family. They love being cuddled and we love cuddling them. Thank you for making our dreams come true and finding our forever cats."
Harriet sent this update on her cats: "At 6 months Tom, Susan and Jennie looked so desperate to get into the outdoors but were somewhat less confident when the door was opened!  We are quite pleased they are wary. They are the purriest kittens and we love them dearly. Thank you!"
Sue wanted to write to say that Ralph (was Feegaro) is celebrating his first adoptaversary with them! "Ralph is doing so well, he's had an exciting year since he left LCR. He was an indoor cat when we got him and his asthma did flare up during the first few weeks we had him. Now his asthma is hardly noticeable, he doesn't have coughing fits anymore, although he does snore a little bit when he lies in a certain position! It was also lovely to watch Ralph discover the outside world. He loves using his cat flap and going in and out as he pleases. It didn't take long for him to become a hunter...he brought in a few birds last summer and many little mice. He's also made friends with the grey cat across the road, but he's not so keen on the big ginger cat - I've seen them growling at each other once or twice. He's a lovely wee cat, he likes his own space but he likes to have a cuddle at least once a day. He is always so happy to see me first thing in the morning and when I get home from work. He's learned to miaow just a little bit, he's getting more vocal slowly but surely.
Thank you so much for bringing us our lovely little Ralph, we couldn't imagine life without him!"
Happy 6th Adoptaverdary to the gorgeous Elsie and Doris ❤️❤️

“Sixth adoptaversary for Elsie and Doris (once Bonnie and Baby!) Elsie is now 13 and has thyroid and kidney problems, but kept under control with medication, and Doris is a fat happy blob! (Not helped because Elsie has to keep her calorie intake up and Doris is ALWAYS happy to help). They have a housemate, Izzy, a middle-aged tortie who came to us when her previous owner died and she needed a home in a hurry. She and Elsie still haven't worked out who's top cat and probably never will, but it's all verbals so no real problem. Sweet girls all.”
“Hi! We got our wee girl Bella from you back in November and I just thought I’d let you know she has settled in so well and is extremely spoilt! She loves waking me up at 5:30 EVERY morning to get under the covers for a cuddle as you can see from the picture!”
Lovely update on wee Onin - now Odin - happily settled into his forever home. ❤️❤️

“Just to say that Odin is settling down brilliantly in his new home. He's chatty, cuddly and an absolute sweetheart. His favourite thing to do this week has been sitting on the windowsill watching people (and seagulls) go by.

Thank you so much for your advice last weekend, we feel very lucky indeed to have him”
Ria wanted to let us know that Cleveland is doing great.He was very timid when he first came home, but he’s settled in wonderfully. He still hates the front doorbell, but he’ll happily sit with me in the living room or on my bed. At night he sleeps under the bed, right below my head. I can hear him snoring! I’m hoping he’ll relax even more in time, so that he’ll be able to go outside regularly. He’s been showing interest in the cat flap, so I’ll be programming him into it soon. Thank you so much for brining us together, he’s a such a sweeting and loving wee gentHe absolutely adores being combed and brushed, and head butts me when he wants a fuss. I’ve attached a photo, though he likes to head butt my phone, so it is difficult to get him to stay still for a picture!"
Suzanne, Grant, Mila & sadie wanted to let us know that Ernie has settled into family life beautifully.  "We are all thoroughly enjoying him. He is so relaxed and very gentle around the kids. We couldn’t be happier with him! Here is one of our favourite moments from the last week....."
Trish sent an update on Felix: "Felix is settling in well here at our home in Auchendinny, we look forward to helping him get used to the outdoor space tomorrow, but here is a photo of him lounging on various bits of furniture."
Margaret sent an update on Hamish: "This is just a note to let you know how Hamish has settled in to his new home very very well, you could say he has taken over. We get on so well, he has had all his vaccinations and spends a lot of time outside weather permitting. He left me a present of a headless squirrel the other day I am hoping it is the first and last. Thank you for introducing us; it has made a big difference having him as my companion."
Alison wanted to give us an update on how Jinky is getting on. "He has settled in really well and we think that he is very happy in his new home! He loves his new bed and has a lot of long sleeps in there! He has been out in the garden during the day and loves wandering about. He loves company and spends all day with us. Thank you for all.of your help and advice when coming to the shelter. I've attached a photo so you can see how he is!"
Maggie & Ernie sent an update on the cat formerly known as Cleo, now Louis. "He has settled in very well and runs his new humans just the way he wants. We discovered he had hyperthyroidism which is now under control so he is much calmer and quieter than when he first came to us. He’s a very vocal boy and lets us know his opinion on all sorts of subjects; the main one being how much (he would say how little) food he’s been given. He enjoys going outside where he has a garden and an allotment to explore. From time to time he takes a mad turn and climbs a tree and then pretends to be stuck, so he’s still got his sense of adventure. He’s an extremely affectionate cat and he makes us laugh - we are very pleased he’s decided to stay with us."
Cameron sent this info bout Luna: "Apologies but meant to get in touch before now to give you an update on Luna (can't believe she's been with us for almost 5 months already!) Anyway, just to let you know that she's getting on great and really settled in :) I've attached a picture of her on the couch."
Ashley & Scott sent an update on Misty: "Misty's doing really well and has made amazing progress in only a week. She's such an affectionate and gentle wee lap cat. Lots of snuggles have been had. She also has that 'crazy cat nutty half hour run around' bit in her which is bringing us much amusement...well it does during the day but not so much at night! :)"
Ian has sent a promised photo of Osca: "He is a very friendly chilled out kitty who you would think has lived in our house since he was a kitten."
Jacqueline & Chris sent this update on Sasha:  "A year ago this weekend, we adopted a feisty, frightened and often quite angry and aggressive Sasha from you. A year on and she's a completely different cat. She can still be quite ferocious when she's out prowling her neighbourhood and seeing off any other cat (or human) that's invading her territory and proudly brings us the odd present to prove that she's doing a good job! When she comes inside though, she loves company and she'll follow us around the house just to be wherever we are and loves nothing more than curling up beside her humans for a good old tummy tickle. You'll see from the picture (of her helping me whilst I'm working from home) that she's settled in and a very happy little cat now. To thank you again for helping us find the right cat and for all the hard work you do, I'm planning to pop by tomorrow with a wee donation. It'll be a donation very gratefully given by my husband and I, but very grudgingly given by Sasha (after all, why would her humans even think of giving anything to any other cat?)."
An update on Victoria, now Tana, from Chloe & David: "We picked up Victoria (now Tana) from Lothian Cat Rescue last June and just wanted to update you how she was doing. She was a bit of a gamble - when we collected her we had only really seen her big green eyes and white paws from where she cowered behind her bed. But a few days later she emerged from her new hiding spot - behind a chest of drawers - and she's been a totally different cat since then! She loves curling up for a nap on us, and visitors to the house are often held captive when she climbs right into their lap. She's at the door to greet us with a chorus of miaowing when we get home from work each day. She's a champion hunter, always trying to sneak past us with her latest catch. And she always getting into trouble - we'll never know why she arrived home one morning with white paint on her head! Thanks so much to Lothian Cat Rescue for looking after Tana, we can't imagine life without her now."
Joanna & Paul wanted to tell us that Tensin & Fedder seem to have settled in well so far.
David sent us this message about Wylie: "Now the bluebells are coming to an end, Wylie has decided to flatten out a space in the middle."
“1st adoptiversary with this little one. Caley living her best life. Thank you lcr for all you do.”

Happy 1st Adoptaversary Caley ❤️❤️
“3 years ago this week we adopted little Hope as a tiny kitten after seeing her sitting looking out the window in the office at Lothian Cat Rescue.....she is a very loving little lady who loves her cuddles and treats....we all love her to bits x

Happy 3rd Adoptaversary Hope! ❤️❤️
After yesterday's sad news, we could all use a smile.  So here is one for you :-)

Last year you may recall we assisted with a very distressing  cat hoarding situation where over 20 cats had been abandoned.  Many were semi-feral and some were in very bad shape.

One of those cats was Emmett, a friendly older chap who was severely matted and in need of much TLC.

Yesterday he celebrated one year in his forever home.

His people write:

"One year ago today Emmett joined our family. He settled in very quickly and gets along with our other two cats. For a senior gent he is a bit of a nutter - launching himself head first through the cat flap, doing a kamikaze on the Christmas tree and leaping at the reflection of the cat tree in the mirror. He yells at us loudly and tumbles onto his side when he wants attention. He is such a great wee guy and we are so happy he came to live with us."

Happy 1st Adoptaversary gorgeous lad - so delighted you are now living the life you deserve <3 <3
Happy Adoptaversary to the very handsome Buddy!

“Some happy news... its Buddys adoptversairy 😭 from the cat who hid behind the sofa for 2 weeks, to the boy who wont even let me go for a bath alone!! He is my best friend and makes us so proud! Thank you all for rescuing him ❤😭”

Happy 10th Adoptaversary to the handsome Toby!

" This is tobys 10th adoptiversary - we got him Then he was around 9 months old from you guys and hes full of sass but loves to chilax and get sneaky chin rubs"

 this is tobys 10th adoptiversary - we got him when he was around 9 months old from you guys and hes full of sass but loves to chilax and get sneaky chin rubs <3 <3
Many of you will remember handsome Smithy.  A former unneutered stray who spent many months with us, never quite finding his inner lion, until he happily chose his people.  

His Mum sent us a lovely update which has made us smile :-) :

"You've had so much sad news this week on your page.  Some cats don't have happy endings and some live long happy lives and so the sadness is tempered with the knowledge of a happy life.  We adopted Smithy back in March and he is thriving!  lord of all he surveys .  He totally ignores our old Labrador in the house, despite that he comes for a walk with us around the farm.  He is a prolific mouser but thankfully the birds are one step ahead of him!  He is a character and a half. We love him to bits"
Happy 1st Adoptaversary to the gorgeous Wendy!

“Its Wendy's 1 year adoptversay! From an 11yr old grumpy antisocial madam  we now have a part time affectionate cuddly cat who has ventured from her territory in the bedroom to the hallway and kitchen when its feeding time...and sometimes we get to pick her up! We look forward to seeing her progress further and maybe one day she won't hiss at our other cats! She melts our hearts! Thank you for trusting us LCR!”

“It’s Lexi’s (formerly Jade) 3rd adoption anniversary on the 20th August. She still rules with an iron paw and demands 100% undivided attention. But she also loves cuddles , naps and of course food - any food! Much loved and very happy cat.”

Happy Adoptaversary, Lexi ❤️❤️❤️
“Happy 1year Adoptaversary to the most affectionate little man, Gizmo (formerly known as Nigel) 😸

He's loving life, every morning was are greated with the loudest purrs and the biggest heart melting green eyes! Gizmo gets on with his other 3 furry friends so brilliantly and really loves a snuggle with them. We think he's definitely loving life again 💕”

Happy 1st Adoptaversary to this gorgeous and much-loved duo 🖤🖤

“Hi  LCR! I am writing because today (24 August) is the first adoptaversary of our two  wonderful boys, Olaf and Pablo (formerly Taylor and Sonic in your care). 

They have made us so incredibly happy and are so inquisitive, loving, and entertaining. Thank you for all the wonderful work you for the cats and the people who love them in the Lothians.”
Happy 1st  adoptaversary to the gorgeous Willow (was Suzie). ❤️❤️

“Its been a whole year since I brought this terrified semi feral little girl home and what a rollercoaster it has been. She can still be timid around strangers and her little disappearance earlier this month had me very worried! However she is the most loving, adventurous and cheeky little girl ♥ thanks to all the advice from the rescue staff when I brought her home and also when she disappeared, we would be lost without you all. Thank you for all you do to save these little ones. ☺”
Lovely to hear that two of our semi-feral mischiefs are thriving, and living their best lives.  Warms the heart and shows that there’s the right home out there for every cat ❤️❤️

“Just a little photo of our semi feral pussy cats Sally & Mario- had them 9 months now & they are an asset to our home!- such lovely little characters to have about the place (just a pity their past experience of humans have made them so suspicious of us 😢)”
A message from harriet: Happy First Birthday to Jennie (top), Susan and Tom on 15th July.  They've grown a bit!
An update from Eileen: Just a wee email to update you on our kittens that wee got from you in June this year, two tabby males, which we named Loki and Floki. They are both doing well, and are full of mischief and fun. Love playing in the garden and my children love them dearly. We got another wee kitten (Lagatha) a few weeks ago, a wee white female. Loki and Floki will be get neutered in september, I dont think they will be best pleased. Just want to say thank you for letting me adopt these wonderful cats. They will be loved and cared for, and cherished every day. 
Have attached some pictures for your website. Hope all your moggies are doing well. You all do a fantastic job.
Kristian & Jose wanted to let us know that a few weeks ago we adopted Maxx and he has been settling in very nicely,  photo attached. I hope some how you might be able to let his former owner know that he has been re-homed and is enjoying himself,
Alex & Lorna sent an update on Mittens: We collected her a few weeks ago from LCR. She has settled in brilliantly and we are all in love! She has been a perfect addition to our family. She is very friendly, inquisitive and playful. Her favourite is playing with Rory and Murray. She also loves a cuddle when she gets tired!
Hello everyone at the Lothian Cat Rescue. My name is Poppy and I came to you on the 19th of December last year and on the 2nd of February, I left to go to my new home. Well, that was a scary time as I was a very nervous and timid cat.  For the firsts two weeks I hid away as much as possible but eventually all my 'secret' places were discovered and blocked off although I did confound them for twenty four hours - I secreted myself at the back of a tiny, desk drawer.  Eventually, I decided to trust them and set up home behind the couch where they could crawl into my den to give me cuddles and treats. Gradually over the weeks I made more appearances unless there were strangers in the house and then I retreated to my den again.March came and went and by late April I was ready to step out the back door.  Eek. One paw was enough and I retreated but my folks persevered and I soon discovered the garden.  The next drama in my life was the introduction of the cat flap.  I really milked that for as long as possible as it involved lots of treats being passed through this hole  in the door. It is now June and I am completely settled and happy in my new home.  I enjoy sniffing my way round the garden and sometimes the neighbouring ones too. I am still a bit nervous and timid, do not like strong wind, rain or doorbells but I have seen off several of the neighbourhood cats, the fox gives me a wide berth and I have presented my humans with a few mice.  The last offering, I dropped alive and kicking on their bed whilst they were sleeping but I guess I was a little too boisterous as I woke 'mum' up and she was less than pleased as we chased the beastie around the bed. Humans are really not very good at catching mice. I have enclosed a photo of me in the garden and I would like to thank you for taking me in, sorting me out and finding me a nice home.
Thought you would like an update. We adopted Stevie and Lizzie several weeks ago. 
We love having them around and they’ve settled in well as you can see. Both very friendly and affectionate and come running as soon as they hear a treat packet rustling! Not showed much interest in going out yet but that may change if the rain stops and summer eventually arrives!
Jennifer thought, almost a year on since they picked up Rosa (who was Snowflake 21/09/2018), she’d send an updated photo to show she’s settled in! Before (from your website) and recently!
A belated Happy 1st Adoptaversary to the gorgeous Henry, who looks very contented indeed <3 <3
A lovely update <3

"Just a wee update on Binx (aka Blackjack) who we adopted from you in July. He’s settled so well and is the loveliest lad,he’s so chilled and loves cuddles and ham. Thanks so much he’s amazing and has stolen everyone’s heart"
Happy Friday all!

Seems a fitting day to wish wee Jay Jay a Belated Happy 1st Adoptaversary. 

Many of you will remember Jay Jay. 

He came to us from a horrendous cat hoarding situation in East Lothian.   Poor Jay Jay has issues with one of his back legs. In his previous life he had sustained an injury which required his leg to be temporarily pinned. However his previous owner never took him to get the pin removed and so his leg bones have fused incorrectly. His leg doesn’t appear to cause him pain but it is possible that issues may occur in his future and for this reason he is an LCR foster cat. 

His foster Mum writes:

“It’s a year to the day since I fostered wee Jay Jay. 

He’s doing amazingly well, still a bit timid at times and still has the worst eating habits ever 😜

We all love him to bits and tell him that daily. 

He’s finally decided  my bed is a safe place and will *sometimes* curl up beside me in the middle of the night. 

Thank you for allowing us to foster this amazing wee boy”

It makes us so very happy to know that after years of not having the life he deserves, Jay Jay is now living his best life. 

Happy 4th Adoptavesary to Beni & Tinker ❤️❤️

“Since coming to stay with us Tinker has made it his mission to clear the field at the back of our house of  mice. Beni, bless him, doesn't catch much but when he does he  doesn't know what to do with whatever he has caught. Thank you for letting us adopt them”
Arnie and Ameira will soon celebrate their 1st Adoptaversary. My how they’ve grown!  Gorgeousness ❤️❤️
Hello from Ellie Elgar (aka The Duchess) who was welcomed into this home around 2 years ago from Lothian Cat Rescue.
Ellie would very much like to be a Star Cat on the LCR website (or a Star Highland Cow)!
As her "staff member", I love her dearly.
Claire adopted Oscar and Charlie on 9th September. "After some nervousness they are now settled in and making themselves comfortable. They are a very loving and chatty pair and we are enjoying their company very much."
Happy 19th Adoptaversary to the beautiful Pepe!  Doesn't she look fabulous <3 <3 

"Well another year of enjoying Pepe who we got from LCR 19 years ago today, her adoption cert said approx 1 year old so 20 year old now. I’ll send photo which was taken this morning. Keep up the great work at LCR!"
Happy 5th Adoptaversary to gorgeous Sally and Fergus 🖤🖤

“Today marks five years since Sally and Fergus chose us when we went to visit LCR! Can’t believe how the time has flown since then - plenty of nonsense along the way! ❤️🐾”
Happy 4th Adoptaversary to handsome Gizmo 🖤🖤
Happy 1st Adoptaversary to Lucie and Rosie - a gorgeous fluffy duo!  Their Mum says they bring so much joy, and they are spoiled rotte.  No turkey was involved in the taking of this picture, honest.  😉 ❤️❤️
Page followers may remember Jacob and Noah.

This duo were our Featured Cats for a time - a very timid but gorgeous pair of little black boys.  

We recevied this lovely update from their Mum:

"A new year update on Jacob and Noah. Still the cheekiest boys that I know, and thick as thieves, they do everything together. Both have gained my trust now and no longer hide or run away when I come near them. Jacob is happy to take strokes when he is sleepy and in the mood for them. Noah still not so much but he likes to roll around and rub into me when he lies in the bed beside me. They both come running to me for treats and are comfortable taking them from my hand with their paws. In their own way they are both very loving!"

Clearly the right home for the right cats.  Fabulous  <3 <3
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