Star Cats

This page is dedicated to the cats who through us, and thanks to you, have found a new and happy life.

We love receiving updates on our cats so if you’ve rehomed a Lothian Cat Rescue fur-ball,  please do stay in touch!  You can email us with an update on your cat to us at  Or pop an update on our Facebook page.

Click on the images to find out more about these lucky cats and their new homes.

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Natalie sent us this: "Just to let you know we have finally decided on a name for Baubles...we’ve decided on Ash. We thought of one of the fox characters from Fantastic Mr. Fox, the Roald Dahl story as his tail is like a fox’s! I’ve called him Ash McBaubles, a hint to his Christmas adoption! :-) :-)"
Just a quick email from Lorna to let us see how Daisy is doing: 
"Still nervous of new people but getting used to the goings on in the house. She has destroyed my husband's slippers, his feet must smell like catnip lol. Although we have offered to open the door for the garden for her she has not really gone past the step. She is already part of our family. Thanks for letting us take her home."
Helen sent this update on her cats:  "I thought you might like to see how well Kit and Fin 
(now Galliard and Caslon) are settling in. As you can see, they still like to cuddle up together. And thank you for such huggy boys."
Caroline sent this sad news: "Approximately 11 and a half years ago I adopted a cat called Smudge from you. I renamed him Gucci however he had lung cancer and had to be put down on the 27th December. He was the perfect pet and is dearly missed but I wanted to let you know. I like to think he had a happy and long life. We're not looking right now but over the next year if you do come across a pair of domestic long haired brothers who are in need of a home please let me know."
A sad note from Bob & Linda: "Just a note to inform you that our cat Hamish who we adopted from you on 14/4/2012 had to be put to sleep after suddenly becoming ill with a tumour. He was a fantastic, fun and healthy cat and we would like to thank you for getting him to us for 8 years. Thanks again and keep up the great work."
Jonathan & Laura wanted to provide an update on Jinx who they adopted on 21 March 2020; "He has really settled in now, initially only staying in the garden for six months but now he is out and about meeting other cats and seems to be really happy here. Laura and I are really happy that we adopted him as he fits in so well but still getting used to the idea that the cat flap is an in door and not just an out door. We have put a track on him to ensure he doesn’t go too far, don’t think he notices."
Corinne sent us this: "We adopted Princess, now called Lola, on Saturday and so far so good.  She has figured where her food is, her litter tray, an overnight spot etc... So far so good. Here is Lola settling on our bed.  Hopefully better pictures to come soon!"
A message about Sylvester from Karen: "Well, it took him 10 minutes, but he seems to be making himself at home! We are already devoted fans!"
Wendy & John adopted Nia on 9th December. "We've renamed her Una, which in Gaelic means 'white wave', although the speed she runs down the hallway should have been tsunami! She's a tiny bit of feline energy at 2.8kg and her character changes every day as she becomes more and more confident. She's a very loving puss, especially when her tummy is full and we can't thank everyone at LCR enough for caring for her before she became a member of our family."
Ann sent this update on Willow who has been living with her since mid October: "Willow has really settled in and given up hiding behind the sofa, preferring on the chair.  She had the last of her injections in mid November so has been going out since then. The first couple of days she just skulked around the edges of the garden but now she is in and out having very quickly got to grips with the cat door. She likes chasing the squirrels though they are a lot faster than her and she has also met the resident foxes.  The first time the young fox wanted to play but Willow thought it was better to leap out from behind the bushes and chase.  This morning they had a bit of a stand off in the snow.  She isn't a lap cat (yet) but she does like to come up on my lap in the morning to purr and and get stroked.  And she's discovered my bed."
Anne & Tom sent this update on their new adoptees: "Pansy and Daisy settling in quite happily after their first week with us. We will now be changing their names:
Pansy will be Cachou
Daisy will be Réglisse
(Both names are types of licorice in French!)"
Gordon, Linda, Graham and Denis sent a photo of Brandy, who they adopted from our Bonnyrigg Centre in early December. "She has made herself at home and enjoys exploring every room in our house! She is a beautiful cat with a very friendly nature.. popular with all four of us and our dog, Bella! Wonderful pussy cat, and we are spoiling her !!😃"
In July 2014 Carol adopted Geiger (then Grant) from LCR. "He chose me on an Open Day and there was no escaping the utterly adorable gentle giant. Unfortunately on Monday I had to make the horrific decision to have him put to sleep after a battle with numerous FIV related problems. I miss him dreadfully, but we had a fun 6.5 years together, and so I made a book to celebrate the good times we had together." This is a photo from the book.
Charlotte, Graeme and Georgia just wanted to let us know that they had to say goodbye to their beautiful boy Jack on Thursday. "He was nearly 16. We adopted him from you in 2006. He was 11 months old and had been found straying by one of your staff named 'Jackie' so you called him Jack. Funnily enough our 5 year old daughter has called him Jacky ever since she could talk. That was her first word. We have two other cats adopted from you, Maggie as a kitten in 2008 and Pixie was 9 months old in 2010. They are wondering where Jack has gone. 
Here is a picture of our handsome boy. When you open again we would love to come and see if you have any ginger cats as he has left a huge space in our hearts which we would love to fill in time."
Bethany thought to update us all on Puss: "Puss is such a lovely cat and I am so happy I got him.
He has started going out now and comes home no bother. He follows me around the house and has made friends with the neighbour's cat who he likes to invite in. He loves to play, has about 20 mice, boxes everywhere and all kinds of other toys. Also likes to chase his tail. Discovered he enjoys cat milk and cat yogurt but doesn't like boiled fish. He brought a bird into the house.. sat with it between his paws and was bathing it.. bird was so confused. Puss has settled in so well and I cant thank yous enough for allowing me to leave that day with him."
Jennifer, Jonathan & Joel sent this email and pic as a wee update on a couple of our former residents. "We got Sooty the black cat from you about 3 years ago and Neko (new name) the tabby from you last summer as a 3 month old kitten. Anyway they are getting on well as you can see from this cuddle. Which is nice! They have certainly made this past year much easier as are always entertaining company. Hope you are all coping in the current circumstances. Appreciate all the great work you do."
Hina adopted Zeus & Ollie recently & wanted to let us know they were settling in & causing much mischief & mayhem which is great.  "I wanted to let you know I have changed their names: Zeus is now called Gabbarsingh (after a legendary Bollywood bandit) & Ollie is known as Biscuit (ginger)."
Happy 2nd Adoptaversary to beautiful Minnie 🖤🖤

“Just a wee update! This is Minnie who chose us to live with two years ago today and we are so lucky that she did! She is the best cat ever! Her only flaw is that anyone who looks after her then wants to get a cat because she is so lovely! Thank you for helping us find the perfect cat x”
Happy 1st Adoptaversary to beautifully boisterous  Lisek 🖤🖤

“Thought you'd like to know that we've now had our LCR cat, Lisek for one whole year now! Can't believe it,it's gone so fast! Lisek was one of 3 brought to you but was too boisterous to be kept with the 2 girls..and boy, does he show it! We were originally going to change his name to Bailey but Lisek just sort of stuck (means little fox in Polish so really suits him). He had his side's shaved when he came to us after an accident with wallpaper paste but is now the fluffiest cat we've ever met! Couldn't imagine life without him even if he's worse than a toddler! 😂”
Happy 2nd Adoptaversary to this gorgeous wee devil, Daisy 🤣🖤🖤

“Here is our wee devil cat she choose me 2 years ago, she still like to bite my ankles but loves a knee too”
Happy 1st Adoptaversary to handsome Star. What a fab picture 🖤🖤

“Just to keep you up to day with Star who we adopted on the 28/5/20.  Getting more confident and enjoying venturing outside and love having him as part of the family”
This boy.  Bumble 🖤🖤🖤

Living proof that there is no such thing as an “unhomeable cat”. 

Each cat just needs the right combination of space, patience, time and love.  And of course the right home. 

Love him 🖤🖤🖤
Happy 2nd adoptaversary to Dusty and Erwin, previously Aero and Polo.   Their Mum says she wouldn’t be without them 🖤🖤
Happy 1st Adoptaversary to this gorgeous boy. 

This description made us laugh 🖤🤣🖤

“It’s a year on 30th June since this guy came home with us.  Gorgeous Gus (formerly Milo) is just a wee gem.  One part ginger moggie, two parts dog, he is such a pack animal, constantly seeking out company, and a warm lap to sit on.  We worked out that when he meows round your feet he’s actually looking to get picked up and cuddled, crossing his paws over your arm, happy to get carried about the house.  As he was a stray for six months before he came to the shelter, he must have really struggled without human contact.  He’s an outdoor cat, but his night time freedom has been temporarily suspended due to the army of live mice which summer nights brought in.  Not quite as bad as the headless pigeon which we discovered under the bed due to the rancid smell a week on.   He is utterly cheeky, and doesn’t respond to commands to get down from the work tops until he knows you are within grabbing distance to lift him off.  Quite the master cat burglar, he’s capable of pinching a piece of ham or cheese from a plate, even from right under your nose, and heading out the cat flap with it – he knows not remorse or shame.  

We just love him to bits.  He is without doubt the best cat ever, and we are so grateful that he was seeking out humans when we dropped in last year!”
Happy 1st Adoptaversary to beautiful Teddy

“Thank you so much as she has kept me sane in the 2nd lockdown. She is such a character and brings me so much joy. She loves helping me weed the garden and generally getting into mischief outside. She loves to play. And although she's not a lap cat, she comes onto my bed for snuggles every morning. Thank you for all you do” 

Thank You SO Much!!!!

Can't believe it's three years ago to the day that dear little Molly came into our lives - and brought so much love and happiness with her!   We attach a photo to show you how happy she is, too - sitting on one of her favourite places, a lap!

Warmest wishes to you all,
Janice, John and Catriona
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