Star Cats

This page is dedicated to the cats who through us, and thanks to you, have found a new and happy life.

We love receiving updates on our cats so if you’ve rehomed a Lothian Cat Rescue fur-ball,  please do stay in touch!  You can email us with an update on your cat to us at  Or pop an update on our Facebook page.

Click on the images to find out more about these lucky cats and their new homes.

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"Happy New Year to everyone at Lothian Cat Rescue!  Here’s a picture of Bo enjoying Christmas in his new home.  He has settled in well and all of our Christmas visitors were delighted to meet him. Bo is playing and exploring happily, and we are very happy to have him!" - from the Winter family.
"I wanted to drop you a little email with an update on the little puss I adopted recently.
We’ve named her Chloe and she’s doing super well settling in! She actually prefers to spend time with our resident cat than with us! They are still kept separate when we are out of the house as play can get rough but Lola is starting to understand Chloe is not a chew toy! So happy they are friends. Thanks for helping us complete our little family." Maggie & family.
"Just wanted to say thank you very much for recommending Declan and Pounce to complete our family. They have settled so well today, we really couldn't be happier." The Belfall family
A message from Leigh & Beth: "Especially for Jacci - well it’s been a few weeks since we took these two girls home and they have been delightful! Bit anxious at first but they are gentle souls and seem to have settled in really well as you can see!"
"We adopted Grace (formally known as Maisie) in January after the death of a much loved cat. It took Grace a little while to settle in and show us her true personality but when she did we were in for a real treat. She is the kindest gentlest cat we have ever had, we have four young grandsons and she just likes to get in amongst them as she knows she will get lots of cuddles. Grace is very vocal and has a wide ranging vocabulary and loves to chat, her favourite time being 4am.
I am so glad we visited your rescue centre on that cold January day where we lost our heart to a little grey bundle. Thank you so much for your care and dedication. Merry Christmas to all." the Downie family.
"I just wanted to get in touch and let you know how well Kit is doing. We found Kit in the garden and when we tamed him enough to come indoors you came to pick him up and check out if he belonged to someone, was neutered or not, vaccinated etc. While he was with you, we realized how much we missed him and as he didn't belong to anyone, we adopted him fully into our home. It took him a while to get settled ( he lived under the guestroom sofa for quite a while) but we persisted with kindness and cuddles and look at him now! Here he is asleep just above my head on the top of the livingroom sofa. He didn't even flinch when the flash went off. He has become very talkative and comes to get me when he wants to go outside and will come inside for food, cuddles and naps/ nights. Thanks for all the advice and support you gave us. We couldn't imagine our life without him." Evelyn xx
Petra & family adopted Moogle in February this year and wanted to let us know that he is doing great. "He is such a lovely friendly cat, very cuddly and great with our two daughters, he just adores our 7 year old.  He enjoys going outside but also his naps and getting involved in the girls' games as you can see on the photo. It feels like he has always been part of our family!"
A message from Emma: "Trinny & Susannah have settled in brilliantly - much faster than we were expecting, especially with them now having a 7 year old human to contend with!
Trinny - now Starfire - loves cushions and blankets but won't yet sit on furniture or humans. She likes the scratching post and eating ALL the food and her ears scratched.
girls enjoying breakfast. We'll keep in touch and thank you again for these wonderful girls!"
Rob says: "You'll probably not remember 'saffie' (now Sophie) who I got from your centre on Jan '16 - well she's thriving!"
"Merry Christmas from Tawny. She's settled in really well since we adopted her at the beginning of August, proven herself to be an excellent tree climber and even made some human friends in the road (a packet of Dreamies sellotaped to a Christmas card dropped through the letterbox one evening much to her delight!). She's currently curled up on the sofa next to me, but seemed to enjoy Christmas, especially the abundance of wrapping paper for her to crunch about on. 
Wishing all your cats and volunteers a happy and peaceful New Year!" Catherine
Happy 8th Adoptaversary to the beautiful Charlie 🖤🖤

“I wanted to share Charlie's 8th adoptiversary with you. She's now a spritely twelve years old, and still a bit of a grump but also a cuddly old lady. When we came to look for a cat and we read her history, we couldn't not give her a forever home.”

Purrfect 😻
Happy 1 year Adoptiversary to Alex! 

His Mum says “He is still as vocal as ever, loves attention and has his humans wrapped around his paw. He likes sauntering around the garden and teasing his feline neighbour. He will be tucking in to a M and S chicken pouch as a treat to celebrate his year in his forever home”

Fabulous ❤️❤️
Kitkat, people hope that the family of her previous owner see this, and know she is doing well 🙂

“Meet KITKAT who I adopted 3rd October 2016 age 14 years, she came to LCR as her owner had died. She is nearly 18 now and is so fit.”
A message from Paul: "Greywind and Garfield settled already"
Happy 2nd Adoptaversary to the beautiful Temwami. What’s better than a happy cat in a bag ❤️❤️

“Hi, just wanted to give you an update on Temwani (Temi) formerly Smokey. Her name means joy. She came to us from LCR two years ago and she loves her home and her brother Darwin.”
Happy 5th Adoptaversary to the handsome Tez.  His mum says he is her best buddy. Purrfect 🖤🖤
“Just wanted to send you a wee update on Minnie who we adopted a year ago today. She was quite timid when we got her but now loudly demands cuddles constantly! She is the perfect cat and we love her so much.”

Happy 1st Adoptaversary, lovely Minnie ❤️❤️
Sweet Roo was adopted 10years ago. Her people say she chose them - as is so often the case.  She is loved to bits ❤️❤️
“Just wanted to send you a quick message to let you know how well Gina is doing. We adopted him in November ( I think you called him Elmo, or Cookie) when he was a scared, timid little stray. It took a little while for him to come out of his shell, but he each week he can a little closer to us. He gave us our first cuddle on Christmas Eve, and is now a complete cuddle puddle. He sleeps curled up between us every night and love a good belly rub. Thanks for reaching this wee one so we could adopt him!”

Purrfect ❤️❤️
Life goes on. And so, belatedly, does the Happy Friday post. 

Some of you will remember JayJay. He was one of the cats who came to us from a horrendous cat hoarding situation in East Lothian over 18 months ago. He had had a pin fitted to his leg following an injury several years previously, but his previous owner never took him back to have it removed. As a result, his leg bones fused incorrectly and he is unable to “bend” that leg. 

He is a gorgeous but timid lad, and we rehomed him to a foster home since we had concerns that his leg may cause him difficulties in the future. 

We received this lovely update yesterday from his amazing Mum:

“I thought you’d like to know that finally, after 18 months, our foster boy JayJay has finally decided to relax and is living his best life. 
Thank you for allowing us to foster him. Here’s his most recent photo.   We hope to see you all soon.  Take care.”

We are so happy to have played a part in giving this boy the chance to have a happy today. 

Fabulous ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Big Ray spent many months with us last year. He arrived as a long term battered stray and became quite frustrated being in a pen, and had become a little bit “bitey”

He’s clearly loving life now though. 

His Mum says:

“Do hope you're all well during these incredibly strange days. Thank you for all the work you're doing throughout this time. Here are some photos of Ray rolling around in the sunshine. He's really settled in and part of the family”

Just purrfect 🖤🖤🖤
How sweet is this duo ❤️❤️

Amber and Apricot are settling in well into their forever home.  

Beautiful Gingers 😻
This handsome lad is right at home in his new home 🖤🖤

“Bobby is settling in well. Here’s a picture of him in his favourite spot to watch the birds, squirrels and leaves”
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