About Us

We re-home almost 1,000 cats and kittens every year, incurring costs in excess of £100,000 each year for food, litter and vets fees.

By the very nature of our work most cats we take into our care require veterinary attention and in some cases major treatment. All our cats are neutered and microchipped before being rehomed; hence veterinary fees are a major expense. Fortunately our vets give us special concessionary rates.

The majority of our cats stay with us at our shelter. However we recognise that the shelter environment is not the best environment for some of our guests, and we are fortunate to have a group of fosterers who look after those cats requiring individual attention – such as pregnant and nursing mum cats, elderly cats, those requiring long-term medication and those with significant behavioural issues.

Lothian Cat Rescue also aims to resolve the issues of feral cats by catching, neutering/spaying them before releasing them back to their previous location. Frequently, we are informed of feral cats in areas planned for building works and asked to relocate them.

Our main funds are raised from our shop, our volunteer-run bazaars and Open Days, as well as an annual raffle, supporters and sponsorship fees and ad hoc donations. Many of our supporters collect goods for resale or produce craft items, plants and baked goods for sale at our events.

There are many sad stories involved in animal rescue and our objective is to ensure that as many as possible of our stories have happy endings, with our cats and kittens going to good permanent homes and at last landing on all four paws!