200 Club

The 200 Club is a fun way to give LCR extra support.

How the club works

The club runs on an annual basis from April to March the following year and is open to anyone who applies.

To take part in the club you are asked to pay a minimum of £10. For each £10 you pay you are allocated a number which is entered into a cash prize draw each month throughout the club year. Memberships received after April will be entered into the remaining draws until next March.

The draw is held at the end of each month and winners are notified shortly afterwards. No claim is necessary. The winning numbers are published in our quarterly newsletter.

What could you win?

Half of the money raised is used as LCR funds and the remainder forms the prize fund.

We cannot guarantee how many prizes will be allocated  each year but we hope to award between 25 and 30 prizes throughout the year ranging from £50 to £150.

How to join

To join the club  please follow the instructions on this  application form.  Contact our shelter or email us at fundraising@lothiancatrescue.org if you’d like a form sent to you.