Coronavirus Covid 19 Update- SHELTER CLOSED

Regretfully, we announce that with immediate effect, our shelter is CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. Our charity shop is already closed.

All new rehoming activity will cease, until such time as advice indicates it is safe for us to reopen. We make this decision with the certainty that this is the right time for us to close to protect the health, safety and well-being of our staff – and ultimately of our cats. If you have reserved a cat for collection this week, this will of course still be possible – please contact our shelter to confirm individual arrangements.

Rest assured that the cats in our care will continue to be looked after. Our staff remain healthy and systems have been implemented to allow continuity of care in the event that individuals are required to self-isolate.

Our phone line will still be manned – 01875 821025 from 9am til 5pm daily, and in emergency situations we will do our best to continue to admit cats in need to our shelter. Please only call if you require assistance with a cat in need. We would ask that you be patient if you’re struggling to get through; these are unprecedented times and we are doing our best. To make sure we can be reached by those who genuinely need it, we respectfully ask that you DO NOT CALL, MESSAGE OR EMAIL in relation to cat or kitten availability until such time as we announce we are able to rehome again.

We are receiving lots of messages of support for which we are incredibly grateful. We repeat our previous statements which are that, at this time:

– we believe the cats in our care have sufficient food and litter to get them through this situation

– our cats are being well looked after and we are not in need of foster assistance

– if you have items to donate to us, we respectfully request that you hold on to them for now, until such time it is safe for items to be delivered to us or for us to collect them from you

– the single best way you can support us at this time, should you feel able, is with a monetary donation which will help us cover our overheads whilst our fundraising and rehoming income is reduced. An announcement with further ways you can “remotely” support us at this time will follow in the coming days.

These are dark days, but the sun will shine again, Lothian Cat Rescue will survive, and we look forward to welcoming you back at our shelter just as soon as it is safe for us to do so. In the meantime, we will do our best to keep you up to date with our guests on this page. And please do keep sending us updates on your LCR additions – there’s never been a time where the sharing of happy news is more needed.

Stay safe and stay home folks xxx