Some cats need a little help to find their forever home……

Thankfully, the majority of the cats that come into our care very quickly find themselves loving forever homes. However for various reasons, some cats are with us for a longer stay. Some are not quite the right age, not the right colour, not the right temperament or just plain unlucky. We like to give these challenging-to-rehome cats a little bit of help by giving them a special place on our website, letting you know a bit more about what we think makes them special and what their ideal new home should offer.

Our current featured cats are:  Jacob and Noah.

These gorgeous 1-year-old black brothers arrived with us in Autumn 2017.  They have sleek black fur with a wee sprinkling of white on their chests. They have big green eyes with wee “eyebrows” where their fur is slightly thinner than elsewhere. Noah (left) is slightly “fluffier” whereas Jacob (right) is longer and leaner.

The boys came to us with numerous other cats, when their previous owner was evicted. They have grown up with us, having spent longer in rescue than out of it.

They were semi-feral on arrival, showing little signs of having had any meaningful human interaction. However, they are not aggressive. Rather these timid wee boys hide themselves away, and run away from us if they feel uncomfortable. It’s taken time and patience to get to a point where these gentle boys will now accept quiet strokes. They like their food and respond well to treats from those they know. Jacob is the bolder boy, and Noah relies on his brother for comfort.

This duo needs their together-forever home.   In terms of their requirements:

  • They need a quiet, adult-only home where their people will allow them to “just be” and settle at their own pace. Their people need to understand that they may not see the boys whilst they settle – they are very likely to hide.
  • The boys like other cats, but we think they might struggle with a dog.
  • Down the line, the lads might like a garden to explore but they will need to be kept inside until they are settled – this may take several months.

There may be challenges in getting Jacob and Noah settled – we can provide lots of advice to help with this – but we feel sure the challenges will prove worthwhile and it will be so rewarding to see these boys blossom.

If you think you could give Jacob & Noah the forever home they deserve please contact our Shelter to discuss with our wardens and arrange to come and meet the boys.