Some cats need a little help to find their forever home……

Thankfully, the majority of the cats that come into our care very quickly find themselves loving forever homes. However for various reasons, some cats are with us for a longer stay. Some are not quite the right age, not the right colour, not the right temperament or just plain unlucky. We like to give these challenging-to-rehome cats a little bit of help by giving them a special place on our website, letting you know a bit more about what we think makes them special and what their ideal new home should offer.

Our current featured cats are Hamish and Smudge.

18-month-old Hamish and 4-year-old Smudge didn’t arrive together, but they have become inseparable

Wee black Hamish arrived as a feral kitten in Spring 2018.  Whilst his siblings learned to trust us, Hamish remained wild and so we gave him a groundspass, where he lived happily for around a year.  Then something changed and Hamish realised people could be nice!  Now, this beautiful, chatty boy with extra long legs loves strokes almost as much as he loves ham!  He can still be flighty, but he is a gentle soul.

Big black & white Smudge – who has the most amazing eyes, face markings and plush fur – came to LCR in Spring 2019 as a fearful, unneutered stray.  He was aggressive on arrival, and we worked hard to help this inquisitive boy learn to trust us.  He made good progress, but we felt he was becoming frustrated and bored in a pen and so we were considering giving him a groundspass. 

Then fate took over. Hamish and Smudge met in a pen coridoor.  They bonded immediately.  Smudge has helped Hamish settle back into a pen, and Hamish has shown Smudge how to play “nicely”. They would love to be rehomed together

In terms of their forever home:

  • they need a patient owner, in a home without younger children
  • they need access to a safe garden in which to play, once settled­­
  • they may get on ok with other cats and with dogs

If you think you could give our boys the together-forever home they so deserves please do contact our Shelter