Some cats need a little help to find their forever home……

Thankfully, the majority of the cats that come into our care very quickly find themselves loving forever homes. However for various reasons, some cats are with us for a longer stay. Some are not quite the right age, not the right colour, not the right temperament or just plain unlucky. We like to give these challenging-to-rehome cats a little bit of help by giving them a special place on our website, letting you know a bit more about what we think makes them special and what their ideal new home should offer.

Our latest featured cat is Hobo

5-year-old Hobo arrived with us in Spring 2019 as a long term stray.

On arrival, he was in bad shape, covered in bite marks and abscesses, and from the outset he was guarded and defensive. Not particularly aggressive – he just didn’t want us to interact with him. Fast forward to now and Hobo is a healthy and strapping lad with plush, thick fur. He will occasionally accept a stroke or two in exchange for ham, but generally moves himself to an area of his pen where he can watch what’s going on, without getting “too close”. When he thinks we aren’t watching we see him playing like a kitten with the toys in his pen. In short he is a sweet and inquisitive boy, but with us he feels unable to let his guard down.

Hobo currently benefits from access to the enclosed outdoor area at the rear of his pen and we have offered him a groundpass, but he shows no signs of wanting to leave his pen. He is very subservient to our groundscats – to the point he will let them steal his food from under his nose!

There is little more we can offer Hobo at our shelter to make his life more fulfilling, something he so deserves. In the right home, when he feels settled, we are sure his guard will start to drop.

In terms of his forever home:

  • He would prefer to be an only pet – definitely no dogs; he may be ok with another cat who wouldn’t “take advantage” of him
  • He needs a patient owner, in a home without younger children. His person needs to understand that Hobo may never want to physically interact – that doesn’t mean he won’t love you, want to be near you and provide entertainment
  • He needs access to a safe garden once settled­­

If you think you could give Hobo the forever home he so deserves please contact us on 01875 821025 or come and meet him at our Shelter