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Age: 5 years

Sex: Male

Fluffy Henry arrived with us as a long term stray. He is a picture-perfect cat and his long black and white fur is immaculate and requires no grooming to stay matt-free!  Henry loves play time and is particularly keen on chaser toys – local birdlife in the area had better watch out!  Left to his own devices Henry is a happy cat and on occasion he will accept strokes from those he knows.  He does however have a short fuse and can be a grumbly boy, and one who is prone to lashing out.  He has access to a pen-back area and he loves being in the fresh air.  Once settled in a new home where he has more freedom to roam and burn off energy we suspect he may settle, but he needs an adult-only home with an owner who accepts that until Henry has found his paws, there may be some grumbly outbursts.  He has been tried with other cats at our shelter and Henry wasn’t keen, so he needs to be king of his own castle.

I'm NOT child friendly
I'm NOT dog friendly

I'm NOT cat friendly
I need a garden