Updated on 8 November, 2017

Special Featured Cat - Kat

Kat our very special featured cat

Kat is a small but fluffy wee girl who is 4 years old. She has amazing amber eyes that shine when she looks at you, and soft black fur with a white dot on her chest.

Kat arrived with us in April 2017 after a period of upheaval. Her original owner no longer wanted her and Kat was passed to a family member, but sadly they had a dog, and Kat didnít like the dog. And so she once more found herself being moved, this time to our Shelter.

All this change was hard on Kat and she wasnít very happy with us when she first arrived. Although now far more settled, Kat would really much rather be queen of her own castle. She isnít at all keen on other cats and so all the feline smells, sights and sounds at the shelter often leave her stressed and grumbly.

Itís also fair to say that Kat is a bit of a diva, and has been known to throw the occasional unprovoked temper tantrum! Sheís a pretty princess and she knows it! For this reason, Kat would need to be the only pet in an adult-only household.

Her other requirements are simple. She likes strokes on her terms and she likes her food. Whilst she is eating is a good time to give her fur a quick brush Ė something that needs doing regularly to prevent it from matting. And she would also like a garden to explore.

But most of all, this quirky wee lady wants, needs and certainly deserves someone to love her (and only her!). Could this be you?

If you think you could give Kat the forever home she so deserves please contact Lothian Cat Rescue on 01875 821025 or come and meet her at our Shelter, situated on the Cockpen Road between Bonnyrigg and Gorebridge. Weíre open for visitors daily from noon to 3.30pm.

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