Updated on 24 May, 2017

Special Featured Cat - Orbit

Orbit, our very special featured cat

Could you give Orbit his forever home?

Orbit arrived with us in January 2017, because his owner’s new partner was allergic to him.

Orbit is a 6-year- old sleek black lad with a sprinkling of white fur on his chest. He has the most amazing green eyes. He is one of our longest stay in-pen guests – we suspect he has been overlooked until now because, as a black cat who isn’t especially young or old, he doesn’t "stand out" to visitors.

However more than any other cat currently with us, Orbit would benefit from finding the right home soon. He is a sweet natured wee guy who enjoys strokes and attention, but sadly he is finding it rather stressful being with us. He isn’t particularly prone to lashing out, but shows he is not happy with life by over-grooming his lovely soft fur. He goes through spells where he will do this, and “good” spells where he doesn’t – at the time of writing he is enjoying a "good" spell.

Orbit’s needs are simple. He needs a loving and stable home to relax in, perhaps with older children, and with a garden. He hasn’t lived with other animals until now. He does have slightly strange eating habits. Very unusually, Orbit finds it hard to tolerate cat food in jelly or cat biscuits! In both cases these have a tendency to make him unwell. He does however seem completely happy to eat normal cat food in gravy, so his needs are easily met!

If you think you could give Orbit the forever home he so deserves please contact Lothian Cat Rescue on 01875 821025 or come and meet him at our Shelter, situated on the Cockpen Road between Bonnyrigg and Gorebridge. We’re open for visitors daily from noon to 3.30pm.

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