Updated on 8 November, 2017

More Stars of LCR

Here are more cats who through us, and thanks to you, have found a new and happy life. Scroll down to see photos of these very happy cats.

Connie the catOn the 9th of January this year, the Crawford family rescued one of our cats in your care, Connie. "We thought we would give you an update on how she's getting on. She is so friendly and loves a cuddle! Occasionaly, we take her outside so that she can get used to her surroundings before being let out on her own. She has found certain spots of the house she likes to sleep in. She is very active and likes to play a lot! She has also taken the role as 'neighbourhood watch' as she likes to look out the window and observe the birds flying around. We are so happy we adopted her and I think she is too!"

Ellie the cat

A message from Tracey and her family: "Little Ellie has had lots of fun with her new toy, as well as exploring the house from top to bottom, is now having a sleep under one of the beds. Thank you to everyone at the rescue centre for looking after this gorgeous little girl and will send you another update later."

Leo, Lewis & Harris, three lovely kittens

Jacquie sent us an update on their new kittens Leo, Lewis and Harris: "First morning in new home! Lots of new toys to play with- don't want to waste too much time sleeping! Exhausted humans!"

Stella the cat

Gillian sent a wee update on Stella. "She's very settled and definately queen bee! Very affectionate and loves her laser pen cat toy; might even lose some weight!! Thanks again for another lovely girl."

Toby the cat

Jessica wanted to thank us for introducing them to what was a very shy cat! "At the shelter it took 20 mins to coax him out his pillowcase. He's been with us since November and with a lot of love and affection he has really come out of his shell. He know has access to the outdoors and loves nothing more than to come home at tea time, eat his dinner and snuggle up next to you. He is so gentle and loving and such a great addition to our family. Our older cat has accepted him and whilst not snuggle buddies they are happy in each other's company. We even looked after a friend's cat for 6 weeks and Toby welcomed him so well. My kids both love him to bits and wouldn't be without him now. Thanks again"

Mika & Tango, two lovely kittensA message from Nikki: "Just over a week and our wee ones have definitely bonded and are enjoying their new home to the max....! Tango (Latte) came home sneezing constantly and woke up on day two with sticky eyes which stayed with him for several days. Poor wee love was unable to open them after sleeping as they were stuck shut until we cleaned them gently. ....But, now definitely on the mend and has remained full of beans and eating well throughout.... what a character he is. Always wanting attention and asking for his belly to be tickled. Mika (Fern) still fairly timid, but building confidence daily. She chooses when she sits on our knees or on the sofa and happy to have her chin scratched when she is in the mood. She is learning to be more brave and boisterous by copying Tango and they chase each other all over the house - including up our open spiral staircase which they cracked on day 3. For such tiny wee critters they sound like a herd of elephants when they take their 'maddies'. Choice between a big comfy basket for two or the wee kitten bed for one (bought at your last open day), what do you think they choose!?

Digger the catAn update on Digger's progress from John & Caroline: "The delivery rate so far stands at 1 rabbit, 2 birds (1 dead & 1 caught & released), 5 mice (2 half eaten, 3 in one piece) & 1 vole. The dog sized flap we installed has got some serious mileage on it now & I'm sure Digger has seen most of the 400 acres around our cottage by now. He's very approachable too as the 250 workers here are finding out. He really has become a big softy & we love him to bits."

Teddy the cat

Lynne sent a photo of Teddy.

Dex and Coco, two happy cats

Jacqueline wanted us to see how Dex and Coco were settling in.

Prince Oliver the cat

Janis & John sent an update on Prince Oliver: "Olly been with us two years now and loves strolling in the garden with the pheasants . Has become very affectionate since initially being scared of people. He's definitely king pin around the area. So pleased we got him from LCR."

Click here to see how to contact the shelter or just phone 01875 821025 to make an appointment or discuss homing a cat with one of the staff.

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Mario the cat

Peter and Helen wanted to thank us for introducing them to Mario: "Although he cried all the way home and then hid a corner for a day and half, he's now settling in fine and starting to relax. He has been exploring the house bit by bit. His favourite hideout is behind the TV but when we settle down to watch it he comes out and sits with us. He likes to chase the fish on a string and roll about with the catnip in a sock. He's very friendly and chatty when he's relaxed. He's still a bit jumpy so we're taking it easy with him but we think he will settle down when he learns to trust us. Thanks again for helping us choose a new cat, we are very happy with him."

Sheba & Sultan, two lovely cats

Jean wanted like to tell us about life with the wonderful Coco and Tootsie (now Sultan and Sheba). "We’ve all settled down really well and are very happy together. They love to play, then after all the exertion the two of them curl up together for a comfy snooze. As soon as there is a lap to sit on, Sultan sits on it. Sheba is more stand-offish, she doesn’t care to be approached, but if you stay still long enough then she will come and make friends. Looking out the window is a favourite pastime, and it’s only a few days now till they’ll be able to go outside, as they’ve just finished their vaccinations. Not sure how keen Sheba will be, but Sultan can hardly wait, he can’t understand why the catflap won’t open for him. Thank-you, Lothian Cat Rescue, for bringing this joy to my life and for the great work you do, and I’m sure Sultan and Sheba would say thank-you too if they could."

Sadie & Ruby, two lovely cats

Alannah sent us an update on Sadie & "Rubie: Been a while since myself and my dad adopted these two back in February! Thought I would send these snaps in to let you know they are doing great and very pampered cats :)"

Basil the cat

"Susannah sent us a photo of Basil relaxing after a day running around outside."

Oscar the cat

In February Petra adopted old boy Oscar from Lothian Cat Rescue and here is a wee update. "Things have been good with Oscar even though he's possibly been the most challenging cat I've adopted so far. Still very insecure and quiet, he needs a lot of encouragement to come out of his shell. I am really pleased that he's now beginning to venture outside into the garden a bit and enjoys watching the birds at the feeder. Oscar still avoids my other cat Mabel (also from Lothian Cat Rescue) but when it's feeding time all his reservations are forgotten because he loves his food so much. For his size Oscar has the cutest little meow and when there is any risk of his feeding time being ignored that will be the only time ever when his voice will be heard. Thanks for bringing this special boy into my life."

Domino the cat

"Hi all at LCR just wanted to drop you a wee note, especially Jean and Nikki, it is my birthday tomorrow and I will be 7! I have been with Jean and Douglas since I was 4. I am having a ball - I am top cat and rule my road. Had lovely chicken the other night but having my favourite rainbow trout for birthday treat. Been enjoy the warm weather keep up the wonderful hard work you do - us cats really appreciate it. Luv, Domino (her highness)"

Orion the catShona sent a wee update on Orion (formerly known as Bingo).... "After a slightly fraught first week with some 'episodes' Orion has now had no more issues and after a few trips to the vet there was no real resolution except keep an eye on him... it was thought stress and exertion coupled with his heart murmur might be to blame... So he has now settled in brilliantly, we love him to bits, he is a really gorgeous boy and a big pet, super friendly, yappy and just all round gorgeous. Our other cat Lil is gradually coming around to his charms. He loves his grub and weirdly would kill for chocolate which he is soooo not getting! He loves his catnip toys, screwed up receipts and being outside in our big garden; he totally prefers to live on the table and worksurfaces and definitely thinks being on the floor is beneath him! Cuddles and head 'boops' are easy with such an affection mog. Orion is now a part of our family and we love him to bits, thank you for rehoming him with us."

Lilo the cat

Stephanie has sent an update on Lilo: "Lilo has settled in fantastically since bringing him home on Saturday - it's like he's always been with us! He's such a relaxed chilled out wee guy."

Poppy the cat

Alison sent us a photo of Poppy.

Sammy the cat

Jennifer recently adopted Hector (now called Sammy) and he has made himself quite at home. "On his arrival he stepped out of his cat carrier, looked around the room, promptly jumped up onto the nearest chair and curled up. The photo shows him just after arrived and I think he looks quite pleased with himself! He has settled well and is proving to be a very friendly boy who follows me around the house. After a few days he was confident enough to jump up onto my lap and does this often, usually lying on his back so I can rub his tummy. He hasn't yet been outside but loves to spend his time looking out of the window at those pesky birds! I bet he can't wait to start exploring the garden. Thank you so much for letting me have Sam, he is such a loveable boy and has found his forever home with me."