Updated on 24 June, 2017

More Stars of LCR

Here are more cats who through us, and thanks to you, have found a new and happy life. Scroll down to see photos of these very happy cats.

Ted & Millie, two lovely little cats

Michelle & Mike wanted to drop us a note to say thanks once more for letting them adopt their wee kittens from us. "We have called the boy Ted and the wee girl Millie. We have attached a photo - think they are settling in well!!"

Marley the cat

Glenn & Gill have sent an update on how Marley is settling in: "As soon as we let him out the cage he wondered round to have a look see. He wasnt a problem at all. He was soon on the floor purring as we stroked him. The last couple of nights he was sleeping on the window sill. He spends a lot of time there looking out into the garden. We actually let him sniff about in the garden yesterday afternoon and he was wary but curious. Last night I decided to let him out for a wee bit and he was all over the place! I got him back eventually. Hes definitely an outdoor cat! I bought him a cat flap which Ill fit this weekend. Anyway, hes settled in just fine. Weve bought him to play with and I think hes very happy here."

Jasper & Oscar, two lovely cats

Martin & Mary were delighted to welcome Boogie (now Jasper) and Dingo (now Oscar) into their lives at the end of January. "The two brothers, aged 10, have settled in quickly and well to their new home and the surrounding area. As the picture attached shows, they are enjoying those all too infrequent sunny days."

& McNulty, two lovely catsJacqui & Ian thought we might like to see how big Omar (previously Campbell) and McNulty (prev. Peanuts) have grown. "They are still great buddies! We are loving having them."

Jackson the cat

Hazel sent an update on Jackson: "Mr Relaxed Jackson now happy to be around most dogs. We love him so much. Thank you for letting us adopt this lovely cat. He relaxes by the fire all day and plays tag with our dogs at about 4.00 in the morning. He's so loyal and, funny never a dull moment."

Pumpkin the cat

Liz has had her rescue cat for 2 years now; from Boxing Day 2014. "Shes a lovely furry friend and companion. Her previous owner had had to go into a home. When she came to you she was hugely overweight so no-one wanted her. I called her Pumpkin ( large, round and orange ). Shes still a complete gannet. All kids of food have to be locked up when shes around. The pictures below show the new slimline version!"

Ruby the catStuart sent an update on Mitsy, now Ruby: "Ruby came to us in kirkcaldy recently. She is settled, friendly and very playful."

Click here to see how to contact the shelter or just phone 01875 821025 to make an appointment or discuss homing a cat with one of the staff.

Minnie & Nala, two lovely catsA message from Nicky: "Here is a pic as promised - my babies!!! Thank you so much or allowing us to take them home. x"




Dexter the cat

Jesse & Colleen sent us an update on Dexter: "We wanted to give you an update on Dexter a month on, he is settling in really well and being spoilt rotten. He loves his walks in the garden but still is unsure of heading out alone. Thank you for all the help you gave us and hope everyone is doing great."

Bella the cat

Barbara wanted to let us know that Newbie (now called Bella) is settling in fine: "We have called her Bella as that is what she is, beautiful. Thanks for all your help in finding us the loveliest pet."

Piccollo the cat

An update on Piccollo: "One week on from the spitting growling scratching little fiend that we brought home on Saturday. Not there yet but so far so good."

Cleo the cat

Margot sent an update on Cleo, previously Sandy: "One very chilled happy cat now well settled in. Thank you"

Luna the catRona sent us a pic of Luna who she adopted from us on 25 September 2016: "Luna is such a sweet friendly cat, and she is bringing much happiness. She is a real character and provides plenty of entertainment!"

Basil & Ziggy, two lovely cats

Susannah sent a photo of Basil; settling in well. "He's sitting beside Ziggy who is 3 (rescued from LCR Jan 2014). He's eating beside the other cats now; still not keen on cuddles!"

Two lovely ginger kittens

A message from Nick: "We adopted the two wee ginger kittens today. Just thought you'd like to know that they have settled in well. Eating nicely, using litter tray, spent four hours charging around daft and have just collapsed in a chair for a sleep - see photo." Lovely to have cats back in the house again. Thanks for your help.

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