Updated on 17 December, 2017

More Stars of LCR

Here are more cats who through us, and thanks to you, have found a new and happy life. Scroll down to see photos of these very happy cats.

Amy the cat

Silvia sent us this update: "Amy has been at home for over two months now. She seems very settled and fully showing her personality. She remains very afectionate and loving strokes but being more assertive on telling you when to stop ( still very gentle in her approach). She is less sleepy and more awake and lively. Enjoys a good play with the teaser and laser, she is not so keen on noisy toys. Overall I can't imagine the house without this one. It definitely has made a big difference to me!!!"

Monty the cat

Jane and family adopted Monty six weeks ago and cannot believe how quickly he has settled in to living with them. "We quickly discovered Monty loves food! In fact, given the chance, I suspect he would eat 24/7! By day two he had discovered the fridge and often stations himself at the door miaowing hopefully. He is also an expert at helping himself to any food left unattended but we are now wise to his stealth manoeuvres. Monty is very good natured and affectionate and copes admirably with being smothered in affection by our three boys. He is very much a lap cat. He has been out exploring recently but seems to prefer his home comforts on cold days. He really is the perfect family cat and we are all loving having him in our lives."

Pepe the cat

A message from Helen: "Pepe doing fine, growling at dog, playing when dog not around, eating, using litter tray and in his safe spot in igloo bed in kitchen rather than hiding in a cupboard. Pepe is so cuddly and affectionate."

Lulu & Toshie, two lovely cats

Carol & Alan sent this message: "Lulu and Toshie (you knew them as Nacho and Tefal) asked us to let you know they are settling in very well in their new forever home and find it all very acceptable. We thought that new settee was for us - how wrong can you be! Thanks again!"

Ghillie the cat

Susan & Steven have had Ghillie for 2 years now and he's such a wonderful fellow. "When Ghillie first came home with us he was quite shy but soon came out of his shell to claim his favourite spots in the house. He's such a joy to have around, we love him dearly. Ghillie enjoys: snooping, snoozing, being a snoot, eating too many biscuits, drinking water out of the kitchen tap, standing on laptops, leaving grubby paw prints on clean white bed linen, biting same white bed linen. Ghillie does not enjoy: hairdryers, not leaving grubby paw prints on clean white bed linen.

Sasha & Sezam, two lovely cats

Gosia & Sebastian have sent an update on Sasha. "We adopted her on 1st July 2017 and decided to keep her shelter name. Sasha is an amazing, very active, happy wee girl. She loves to play, chase shadows and cuddle with our other cat Sezam (adopted from LCR on 24th September 2016) and our dog Karob. Sasha gets on very well with Sezam. They sleep, eat, play together and clean each other all the time. She brought a lot of joy and happiness to our home. She is our wee princess and we are very grateful we could adopt her from LCR."

Figgy & Elvis, two lovely cats.

A message from Connie: "They've settled in so well! We've named the ginger one, Figgy and the black one, Elvis. Thank you for your help and all your work."

Buddy the cat

An update from Katharina: "This is Buddy, Buddy Bear to give him his full title, formely Garfield, who is coming up for his 2 year adoptaversary! From a very timid boy,to a more outgoing and very vocal chap! Loves outdoors, exploring, but also his bed as you can see! His best friend is my 15 year old grandson, he's always so happy to see him! Wishing you all at LCR, all the very best!

Benji & Toby, two lovely kittens

Natasha sent this update: "We've had our gorgeous boys for a couple of months now & we couldn't be happier! They've settled in so well! They'll get neutered next month & then we'll start to let them out! Benji is already desperate to get outside but Toby doesn't seem too fussed! Anyway, here's a pic of our handsome boys!!...."

Bob the catPaula sent a wee update on Lucky who she adopted on 6 Nov. "He's now known as Bob (Boab) and is settling in well. He can look quite grumpy at times and we're having great fun imagining what he's thinking about. He's even got his own facebook page Sour Puss Boab."

Gilbert & George, two lovely cats

Its now 5 weeks since Jan adopted the 2 tabbies (now Gilbert and George). "Pleased to report that they have been having supervised trips outdoors for over a week now. One of them even did a pee outside this morning... hope for better things, but early days. Gilbert, the big shyer one has just met a pheasant for the first time and hasnt come running in yet. They have become bird watchers, but are not keen on the wind, have yet to go out in the rain with them!!"

Kalli the cat

Stephen thought we might like to see Kalli has already found her new hidey hole to get used to the new home from: "Shes fine but understandably wants to check out the house in her own time."

Eddie the cat

Stephen sent us an update on Eddie: "Hello everyone at Lothian Cat Rescue! We adopted Eddie about a month ago and he is doing great. He loves to play and sleep on the bed with us. Thank you for this wonderful cat."

Toby the cat

It's a few weeks into Toby being in his new home with Gilly and Skye. "Suddenly (literally within 3 days) Toby has decided to come out and be playful. Dexterous with a ball I'm now woken around 4am with the tennis ball dribbled up and down my hallway. He has started to come when I call his name when I come home from the office. My heart swells. As for his relationship with Skye, clearly his flirting techniques are not up to scratch as Skye 'swipes left' and he's left alone and a bit bemused! He remains very cautious and shy and after a vigorous ear tickle and stroke he tends to need to hide away for an hour or so. I feel very blessed by this lovely wee soul."

Liam the cat

Louise & Ross wanted to let us know Liam is settling in very nicely . "As I am writing this Liam is happily snoring on the sofa. He has managed getting up the stairs very easily and can almost sprint up and down them, which I was surprised at, as there seemed to be some concern about him managing them. He loves lots of attention, is very affectionate and loves playing, so he is getting exercised with chasing things about and using the stairs, he will be a trim, fine figure of a man soon."

Annie the cat

Jan has sent a quick picture of Annie for us. "So far so good. She is eating happily and after exploring the house, fell asleep in her igloo bed. After another wander she is now snoozing on 'her' chair. Will update you again after she has had a chance to really settle in. I think she is beautiful."

Fred the cat

Sarah wanted to give us an update on Fred who they adopted a few weeks ago. "He's still called Fred, sometimes Freddie. He's settled really well. He's now been outside and loves exploring the garden, although not so keen on rainy days. When he's not outside he loves nothing better than sitting on a lap on the sofa watching some telly. He's very quickly become part of the family and we can't imagine life without him now."

Ellie the cat

"Ellie had a fantastic sleep last night at the bottom of my bed, she has eaten well and used her litter tray, such a clever girl. Wearing her new collar today quite happily and loves all the sunny window sills in the house that she can lie on and soak up the heat."

Drummer the cat

A message from Lindsay: "Thank you so much for letting us adopt Drummer. He is settling in so well and we are delighted with him! Here's a photo its only been a few weeks but hes had gradual introductions to our dog and theyve gone well. Freddie adores him and we feel hes become a proper family member its love! Thank you!"

Click here to see how to contact the shelter or just phone 01875 821025 to make an appointment or discuss homing a cat with one of the staff.

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