Updated on 11 April, 2017

More Stars of LCR

Here are more cats who through us, and thanks to you, have found a new and happy life. Scroll down to see photos of these very happy cats.

Sezam the catGosia & Sebastian sent an update on Sezam: "Sezam is doing very well and growing fast. He is our wee prince and our first cat that loves to be brushed. Some pictures with another cat attached. We are very grateful we could adopt him."

Robyn the cat

A message from Ron & Mo: "Robyn has been with us now for over 2 years and has mellowed somewhat during that time, but still has that feisty spirit and defends her own territory vigorously - she is definitely Queen Bee!! She loves being outside in the garden, but also likes to spend time with us in the house, in one of her 3 beds……. plus wardrobes or anywhere else she can sneak into. She’s very agile and can climb ladders, the trellis and is very playful, bringing her toys to us in her mouth when she wants to play. Whilst still not a 'lap cat', she does show affection with head butts to our feet, and she certainly purrs lots now. Robyn has made us laugh every day and has given us so much joy, after the loss of our beloved Smog boy. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Robyn."

Digger the cat

Joh has sent us a photo of Digger, now settled into his new home.

Kali the cat

Malcom sent a note to let us know that Kali is settling in fine. "I found out what she likes to eat - at great expense, cos she doesn't like Sheba or the pouches of Whiskas! She likes tinned tuna and mackerel but not tinned salmon, she likes the expensive hot smoked salmon from our local smokehouse. I'll need to ask them if they have any trimmings I can give her."

Basil the cat

As this is Basil and Faye's first anniversary (one year since he went home with her), she thought she'd send us this picture of him relaxing on his pet cow! "He settled in here immediately, and is very much top cat in this house. He's a very loving, purry boy,and likes nothing better than to sit on a lap and be made a fuss of."

Buddy the catKirsty thought she'd give us a quick update on Bob (now Buddy) that they adopted on 28 December. "I've attached a photo to show how he's settling in in his new home. He's much loved by everyone, especially Marnie (3.5) his new best buddy He's the first thing she looks for in the morning so they can have a cuddle and she did a lovely picture of Mummy and Buddy at nursery to show everyone!

Lily the cat

A message from Aileen: "Lily has been with me for just over two years and has settled in very well. She's still the most affectionate cat on the planet! She spends ages watching the frogs in the pond, and loves lolling about in front of the fire, 'helping' me work from home :). I love sharing my house with her, she's a charming wee companion.

Toots the cat

David & Maggie sent us a pic of Toots, formerly known as Misty. "She's been with us for almost 2 months now and is well and truly settled in. She has an elephant on a stick which she will chase for hours, given the chance, and when nobody will play she snuggles up with it in front of the fire. We are all getting on brilliantly, I can't believe we left it so long before getting a new cat after our old cat Maisie died, aged 19, a couple of years ago. Toots has brought happiness to this house and it's a two way thing, she is happy too and will be going outside later this week once she's had her injections. As a visiting pal said, this cat has landed on all four paws. So have we. Thanks so much for bringing us together."

Click here to see how to contact the shelter or just phone 01875 821025 to make an appointment or discuss homing a cat with one of the staff.

Mietze the cat

Cat sent an update on her two rescue cats: "A bit more then a year ago we picked up Mietze und Zumpel (Minion and Trinity). Thanks again, they are bringing so much joy into our home. Mietze loves to play and Zumpel loves to explore :). Of course their favourite thing to do is sleeping :). They are just the cutest cats in the world :).

Zumpel the cat

Katy the cat

It's almost 3 years since Julia & Stuart re-homed our Katy from us and they wanted to let us know how she is getting on! "For the first three days, a chair under the table was her favourite hiding place, her meals were even eaten under there.Then she started to feel we weren't so scary after all, she ventured out and has never looked back. We were told she had previously lived as a house cat and and we have continued with this and she seems to be contented and enjoys her life with us. We love her so much and can't remember what life was like before her. She is now an older lady of 14 but hope she will be with us for several more years yet!"

Sacha the cat

Caroline & Jo wanted to give us an update on Sacha who they adopted about 2 months ago. "He's settled in well and enjoys hanging out with us, getting involved in whatever we're doing (see photo). He also loves chasing ping pong balls and greeting the postman. Thanks for helping us adopt him, we're so happy to have him!"

Charlie the cat

Valerie sent us some sad news: "Just over 2 years ago I adopted Charlie from you or was it the other way round????? Yesterday I was told that his kidneys were failing and it could be days or a couple of weeks before they gave up altogether. I had to take the decision to have him put to sleep and it broke my heart. I would like to thank you for letting me find such a wonderful and loving cat. We had a wonderful time together. I have never had a more loving and friendly cat. He loved people and was always pleased to see visitors even if it was only the Sainsbury's delivery man. He was pampered and spoiled rotten. When the time is right I will be up to find a worthy successor."

Garrett the cat

Lindsay & Ross thought we would appreciate an update on Garrett (previously Astro) who they adopted in October last year. "He has turned out to be a handsome, affectionate, rambunctious addition to our family and we love him to pieces. I have attached a picture of him settling into family life and showing how much he has grown since he has been in our care (now a strapping 5.6 kg tomboy!)."

Jack the cat

Sionagh has had Jack about 2 months now and he’s doing well. "He sleeps under my spare bed – that’s the first place he shot to when he got to the house and he pretty much made that his permanent base for the first 4 or 5 weeks, only coming out for food. I gradually coaxed him out with treats and toys (most of toys under bed now too!) and he finally appeared in the living room of his own volition on Christmas Eve, then again on Christmas Day to open his presents! He’s still quite timid with new things but he plays a lot (runs around like a mad thing) and I can really see him starting to settle and feel more at ease now. Thanks once again – he’s a lovely boy."

Cleo the cat

Margot has sent us a message from Cleo: "Settling in to my new home. Humans are great and beasty bob dog ok when asleep or walking in room but when she is hyper, I hiss loudly and she takes note!! Off to vet on Thursday for injections ?? All good."

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