Updated on 21 August, 2017

More Stars of LCR

Here are more cats who through us, and thanks to you, have found a new and happy life. Scroll down to see photos of these very happy cats.

Maisie the cat

Mairi and Ross bought two cats from Lothian Cat Rescue around October last year, they were Maisie and Ginge (now called Gemma) aged 3+6. "Just to let you know they are very happy and settled in well. They both had cat flu after we took them home. Maisie was very ill and kept in the vet for a week, we didn't think she would pull through, but has recovered and put on weight. She is full of mischief, and constantly on the go. We were told Gemma was the grumpy one and you weren't wrong! I think she has mellowed a lot and is definitely my cat. She just needed a bit of love. :) Maisie adores my husband so it works out well. They are both full of fun and play a lot. We wouldn't be without them. They even get on with the neighbours cat, he came from Lothian Cat Rescue too and is called Chancer, a big black and white one. Ive attached a picture for you."

Gemma the cat

Molly the cat

Lola the catAnne Marie wanted to let us know that Thistle (now Molly) and Princess (now Lola) have settled in well to their new home in sunny Dunfermline! "Molly was very timid at first and hid behind the sofa and then on top of the wardrobe! She's much better now and seems to like her new surroundings. She's happy to get a little stroke but still a bit nervous of new faces. Lola settled in immediately - having a good look round as soon as I opened the carrier. She keeps gazing out the windows to the back garden and the golf course as if she just can't wait to get out to explore. They both chase each other around the house and do a bit of wrestling but, after the first few days, they seem to get on not too badly. They're both lovely girls and I'm so pleased we could give them a home with us here in Fife."

Alfie the catMisty & Paul came to visit LCR in December 2016 and met Alfie. "We wanted to let you know how hes been. Alfie is an absolute joy in our lives and makes us laugh so much. Hes so loving and wants to be held and cuddled often. He is friendly to everyone he meets. He adores chicken. Hes having loads of fun in the garden chasing bees, birds, leaves, pretty much anything that floats or flies by. Every evening he curls up with us in bed and usually around 4 or 5am hes wanting to go out again. Alfie also likes to roll around on the floor and toss a little bell back and forth with us. And when we toss a wee stick he catches it and brings it back to us! Though its only been a few months, we cannot imagine life without him. Thank you from our hearts for helping us find such a sweet, wonderful friend. We love Alfie!"

Cleo the cat

Liz & Donald just wanted to drop us a note and some photos of Cleo and Jess. "They have been with us over a month now and have settled in so well. They are now allowed outside and really enjoy their freedom. Jess is a real squirrel chaser; we are not sure what she will do when she catches one. It's not if she catches one but when as she really goes full pelt after them! I think Cleo will also be a hunter but she appears be a little less fussed about what's available to her. I think she might well turn out to be a mouser. We'll see when autumn comes and her confidence outside grows. Both girls are so very affectionate and sweet natured but both have quite distinct and different personalities. When they see you their tails immediately go straight up in the air in happy tail mode. I can't help but feel with such lovely girls it must have broken their previous owners hearts to let them go as they have obviously been well loved and contented cats. Our girls continue to be a joy to us. We can't thank you enough for matching us up. When we talk about our girls it's always with how positive an experience its been adopting from you. After loosing our previous cat our house feels like a home again. We are learning more about our girls every day we have them and they continue to amuse and surprise us in equal measure."

Jess the cat

Click here to see how to contact the shelter or just phone 01875 821025 to make an appointment or discuss homing a cat with one of the staff.

Ellie the catA message from Ruth, Ellie's step-mum: "My newly-adopted feline (previously Asreal now Ellie Elgar) is settling in wonderfully well. We make an excellent team (although she likes playing with cat toys more than I do!). Although she has only been with me 24 hours, she has been amazingly well-behaved and is an utter delight. Ellie is taking a nap on the sofa just now, but wants to thank you all for your love & care while she was a guest at LCR. Thank you so much from me, too (Ruth) - Little Ellie Elgar is a delight, a joy & a very welcome addition to my little household."

Arthur the cat

A message from Twingo, now called Arthur: "Just wanted u to know that I am very happy at my new home! I am luv'd very much and hav been given a new name by my family....I am now 'Arthur' !!! I think it suits me very well, don't u? Luv, Arthur (Twingo)"

Zeus the cat

Zeus and Mikey making themselves at home!

Mikey the cat

Jasmine the cat

It's just over a month since Jasmine went to live with Eileen: "She is such a joy. I can't thank you enough for letting me adopt her. She has settled well, is playful and friendly, and above all inquisitive. We are learning a lot about one another. Given that in her short life she has had three homes and two stays in the rescue centre since she left her mother, she is amazingly resilient. There are echoes though and she can be very possessive on the one hand and fearful of being rejected on the other. She's also a typical Bengal and I'm getting used to play fights. But we are working on all these and each day brings more trust. And one story which shows the bonding: I was watching a video in which a cat was attacking its owner. Jasmine came rushing in and I though she was going to attack me. Instead she got between me and the film. She was defending me! She's a star."

Tootsie the catPenny thought she'd send an update on wee cutie Tootsie that she adopted from us 8 years ago!!! "She's absolutely loving life."





Minnie & Evie, two beautiful cats

Charles just wanted to send this message to say how much he appreciated having the new cats Podge and Minnie that he got from us on the 20th of May. "They have sweet natures and are a joy. They clearly have been well looked after and are a credit to their previous owners. I was worried about Minnie near the end of the first week, as she was being sick a lot. However, a visit to the vet and an injection of antibiotics sorted her out quickly. I have attached a 'photo of them in their new home. I have decided to keep the name Minnie for the smaller one, but want to get Podge gradually used to having the new name of Evie."

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