Updated on 8 November, 2017

Missing Cat Action Plan

We receive many phonecalls every day at the Shelter from worried people facing a situation any cat owner dreads - their cat has gone missing. Often people want advice on what things they should be doing to try and get their furry back. So - what should you do in this situation? There are so many things that you could do, but what is the best approach? Based on our experiences we've compiled the following 'action' list which we hope might be of use in the event you ever find yourself in that most terrible of situations:

We hope you will never need to go through this action plan - however, most cat owners will have had a worrying afternoon or night at some point. The best thing you can do to put yourself and your cat in the best possible position should you ever be separated is to make sure your cat is microchipped - and to make sure you keep your chip contact details up to date! For a cost of less than £20, it could really make the difference to you being reunited with your missing furry friend, or them ending up in a rescue centre for being a 'stray' .