Updated on 6 August, 2015

Kittens & Kitten Cats

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6 August, 2015

2014 was another very hectic year with nearly 300 kittens rehomed. Sadly, we expect this year to be just as hectic, despite LCRs ongoing and rigorous neutering scheme.

Kitten season usually starts in earnest in late April. Kittens tend to find their forever homes quickly so for a real-time update on kitten availability please contact the Shelter (01875 821 025, 9am to 5pm daily).

Whilst kittens are fantastic fun, please don't discount some of our older guests. A slightly older cat makes an amazing pet - being calmer and less demanding that a kitten. What's more, the personality of an older cat is already known and so you can be more certain that you are getting the right cat for you. Check out some of the more mature cats we currently have in our care, looking for their forever homes.

Kitten fosterers urgently needed

We always prefer for newborn kittens and pregnant mum cats to have the 1-2-1 attention which our kitten fosterer network is best placed to provide. However we are very short of kitten fosterers.

Looking after kittens is a big responsibility and time commitment and so we do place some requirements on our fosterers:

Please give the Shelter a call (01875 821025) if you would be interested in becoming a fosterer.