Updated on 8 November, 2017

Scotlands Gardens - Garden Opening

Each year Jean, one of our volunteers, opens her garden through the Scotland's Gardens organisation, and in doing so raises much needed funds for the 4-legged ones. Jean's garden is so fabulous that it is now officially famous. So famous that it featured in 2015 on the BBC 2 show Beechgrove Garden! Filming has been completed and, as well as showcasing her beautiful garden, two of Jean's three former LCR residents had their moments in front of the camera! The programme aired on 11 June.

In May 2016 a film crew from The Instant Gardener filmed Jean's garden for inspiration for one of their garden makeovers. Here is a link to short section of the programme showing Jean's lovely garden.

View of Jean's beautiful garden

This year the garden was open for visitors on Sunday 28 May 2017, from 2 - 5pm.

There were about 100 visitors, raising over £600 in total. Of this, 40% goes to LCR and the other 60% goes to Scoitland's Gardens' charities.

Click here to access the Scotland's Gardens web page for Jean's garden.