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Cats Needing Homes

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30 January, 2015

The following cats are looking for homes just now, as well as many others in the Shelter. Some have had a difficult or fearful time before coming to LCR, so may need a quieter home or a patient, experienced owner. Our experienced staff are happy to advise on matching up the right cat to the right home.


Could you find a place in your heart and your home for any of these cats? If you are interested in any of the cats please contact the Shelter on 01875 821025 for more information and to check that they are still available. We usually have up to 60 cats in the Shelter, so do come along and visit as we may have just the very cat or cats for you and your family.

All cats are spayed, flead & wormed before homing.

Purdie the cat

A chatty affectionate wee lilac tortoiseshell cat with lovely soft fur followed a person home in Dalkeith, Midlothian. Purdie is 1 or 2 years old and should be fine with children over about 7 and maybe with other cats. She would welcome a loving home with a garden.

Catty the cat

Catty is an little 8 year old female with semi-long black fur and big eyes who was found as a stray in Pathhead, Midlothian. She's a friendly wee soul who may get on fine with other cats and children. A home with a garden would suit her best.

Nestor, Ceilidh & Pullthru, three lovely cats

Nestor, Ceilidh and Pullthru came from Bonnyrigg, Midlothian when their owner could no longer look after them due to a stroke. Ceilidh, the tabby female , is 2, while grey Nestor, also female,and black male Pullthru are 3. They haven't been used to kids so far, but get on fine with each other and other cats. They are all a bit timid in the Shelter, so a tranquil home with access outside, preferrably together, is where they'd be happiest.

Tigger the catA 6 year old tabby female called Tigger came from Uphall, West Lothian as she got a bit grumpy when her owner had a baby. However her friendly side soon comes out when cat treats are produced! She'd be best in an adult household without other animals where she can get all the attention, and with a garden to go out into.


Bailey & Tabby, two lovely cats

Tabby and Bailey are mother and daughter and are looking for a home together, as their previous owner's dog in Wishaw didn't like cats. Bailey is black, aged 3, while her grey mum, Tabby, is 5. They friendly - mum is the more outgoing of the two - and are used to children. They would like to get outdoors sometimes from their new home.

Mistopheles the cat18 month old Mistopheles, like his namesake, the magical musical 'Cats' star, is black with a white bib and paws. He's playful and friendly though a bit nervous having been kept indoors (though he'd benefit from outside exercise) so a household with no young kids would be best for him. He was bullied by another cat in his past home in Penicuik, so no cats either, please, in his new home.

Lucifer & Salem, two lovely catsTwo friendly male cats came from the Drumbryden area of Edinburgh when their owner lost his job and couldn't afford to keep them. Lucifer (originally called Lucy till the vet examined him!) is a grey tabby, aged 6, and 3 year old Salem is black. They get on fine with children and are looking for a home together with a garden and without other animals.

Diesel the cat

Diesel and Socks are a good natured pair of 2 year old boys who came from Wester Hailes, Edinburgh as their owner was being evicted. Socks (below), the more outgoing of the two, is a semi-longhaired tabby with white 'socks', and Diesel (above)is white and black. A loving home with outside access would be good for them. They've never lived with children or animals so far.

Socks the cat

Milly the cat

When her owner could no longer look after her, 2 year old Millie came to the Shelter from Lauder, in the Borders. She's a shy wee black and white lass, but she loves cat treats (see photo) and is fine with other animals and children. A home with a garden would be good for her.

Micky the cat

Micky is a quiet lad with a wee miaow who loves to be petted. He's 1 and a half, with semi-long white and black fur, and was found straying in Colinton, Edinburgh. He may be fine with other cats and kids, and would appreciate a new home where he can get out and about sometimes.

Brian the cat

18 month old Brian is black and white with an unusual triangular pattern on his nose, who came to the Shelter when his past owner in Dedridge, West Lothian was evicted. He's usually friendly but isn't used to other animals, and would be best in a home without kids under about 12. He would welcome getting outside at times.

Cookie the catCookie is a little black and white 1 and a half year old female who came from the Calders area of Edinburgh. She was an indoor cat, and was tormented by children, so a home without young kids and with a garden would suit her best. She's a friendly wee soul, but seems to prefer women to men, though we're not sure why.


Neil the cat

2 year old Neil is black with a white 'locket' on his front. He's a bit timid in the Shelter, after being a stray in Colinton, Edinburgh for 3 months, but he's friendly and likes to be stroked so a home with a patient owner, possibly with older children and/or cats, would suit him best. He'd also welcome a garden.

Sasha the cat

A friendly 6 year old black female cat came from Edinburgh to the Shelter as her owner's child was allergic to cats. Sasha likes to be stroked, but is not keen to be picked up at the moment, so should be fine with kids over about 12. She'd be best as an 'only cat', and would appreciate a garden to go out in.

Pat the cat

Pat is a female of about 12. She would be best in a home without kids, but is all right with other cats. Black Pat's owner in Lasswade couldn't cope when she got very overweight (losing a kilo or two would do her good!) and she would benefit from outside exercise at times.

click here to see Jacko, our special featured cat

Thankfully, the majority of the cats that come into our care very quickly find themselves loving forever homes. However for various reasons, some cats are with us for a longer stay. Click on the image above to see our special featured cat.

Mum cats being cared for in foster homes

We often have some mum cats whose kittens have been homed and are therefore ready to move to homes of their own. We try to home them directly from their foster homes to avoid them going through another stressful move to our Shelter, so if there is a phone number beside the picture of the cat you will know it is a mum cat.

Jake the cat

Jake is a big grey tabby and white male who was a stray in Newtongrange and was taken in by someone whe sadly is very ill and can no longer look after him. He's 5 years old, and may be ok with kids and animals, as he's usually friendly, though he needs to learn to trust again. He'll need outside access from his new home.

Rabbie the catRabbie was straying in Mayfield, Midlothian, before he came to the Shelter on Burns' Day, hence his name! Like his namesake he's a very sociable laddie who gets on fine with other cats, and may be ok with children. He's a big ginger and white chap aged 2 or 3, who'll appreciate discovering his new neighbourhood as well as his 'ain fireside'.

Nacho the cat

A well travelled cat with an Austrian passport among her pedigree paperwork came to LCR from Dunbar. Nacho is a 9 year old cream and grey British Shorthair female with a placid nature, who should get on with older kids and cats. She's a bit overweight so should be encouraged to take outside exercise.

Socks the cat

When their owner in Dunbar, East Lothian was made homeless, 11 and a half year old Socks (above) and 10 and a half year old Rascal (below) had nowhere to go either. Socks is a gentle, friendly male with semi-long tabby and white fur, while Rascal is a plump, purry tortoiseshell and white female. These two both get on ok with other cats and with children, and deserve a loving home with a garden to spend their senior years together.

Rascal the cat

Tupence & Millie, two lovely cats

Sweep the cat3 cats called Tuppence, Millie (above) and Sweep (right) came from Skirling, near Biggar, due to their owner's poor health. They all get on fine, and the 2 black and white brothers, Tuppence and Sweep, both aged 3, should definitely be homed together, while tabby and white Millie, aged 4, may perhaps go separately. They haven't been used to small children so far, and would all welcome access to a garden.

Tony the cat

Tony's a big black and white male, aged 2 or 3, who was found straying for a few weeks in Mayfield, Midlothian. He's a friendly chap, and may get on ok with children and animals. He'd benefit from a garden to explore from his new home.

A group of 9 cats, all aged between 1 and 3, were rescued from a house at Edinburgh's Jewel, where their previous owner could not care for them. The cats arrived in late 2014 and showed little sign of having been socialised, and since then we have been working with them to try and gain their trust, and get to know them as individuals. They are all fine with other cats, but due to their timid natures would all prefer cat-expereinced owners who will show them patience, and they'd prefer not to share their forever homes with young children. They will need garden access.

From the photo you can see we've grouped the cats into four different pens to allow us to work with them and make sure they are comfortable.

Calder the cat

In pen 1 is soft-furred black Calder - the calmest and most trusting of the group.

Ian, Sawyer & Andy - three lovely cats

In pen 2 are Ian, Sawyer and Andy - three more boys who are showing good progress and are very amenable if bribed with some ham!

Rory, Maggie & Chris - three lovely cats

Pen 3 contains black and white Rory and the tabby & white duo of Maggie and Chris. Rory is a forthright but flighty boy, and Maggie and Chris remain very guarded.

Lauren & Sarah, two lovely cats

Pen 4 contains black & white Lauren and wee tabby Sarah. These two girls are the most stressed of the group and are still very afraid in our Shelter, but they are showing signs of improvement as time passes.

Pusskin the cat

Pusskin is a 4 year old semi-long haired black cat who was straying in Whitburn, West Lothian. He's a relaxed, friendly lad but is a bit shy, though he may get on ok with kids and cats. He'd benefit from access to a garden.

Cleo the cat

Fifi the catWhen an elderly lady in Millbrae, Edinburgh was taken into care, she was separated from her 2 senior cats. She has left LCR loving notes about 14 year old Fifi (right) and 10 year old Cleo (above): Tortoiseshell Fifi is cuddlesome, and black Cleo (who has unusual tiny white fur spots on her back) can be petted too, though on her own terms. These two deserve a loving home together for their latter years. They should be fine with children over about 10, but have never been used to dogs. They'd also welcome a garden to relax in.

Sierra the cat

Sierra came to LCR from Mayfield, Midlothian because her past owner is moving abroad. She's a 3 year old tabby and white female, who is friendly and playful, but but she's a '1 person cat' so would be best with a new owner without other animals or children, but with a garden she can explore sometimes.

Scooby the catScoobie (above) came to LCR all the way from Stranraer when Wigtonshire Animal Shelter was closing down due to the owner's ill health. He is a friendly but independent 5 year old chap - white and black with a wee black spot on his nose who has never lived with children or animals so far. Scoobie would appreciate access to a garden from his new home.