Updated on 24 September, 2016

Cats Needing Homes

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24 September, 2016

The following cats are looking for homes just now, as well as many others in the Shelter. Some have had a difficult or fearful time before coming to LCR, so may need a quieter home or a patient, experienced owner. Our experienced staff are happy to advise on matching up the right cat to the right home.


Could you find a place in your heart and your home for any of these cats? If you are interested in any of the cats please contact the Shelter on 01875 821025 for more information and to check that they are still available. We usually have up to 60 cats in the Shelter, so do come along and visit as we may have just the very cat or cats for you and your family.

All cats are spayed, flead & wormed before homing.

Sneddon the cat

Sneddon is a white cat from west Edinburgh with one blue eye and one golden one. Like a few white cats, this 3 year old is deaf, and is very miaowy so will need an understanding owner and a home where outside access can be secure for him, as he can’t hear danger. He’s got a nice friendly temperament, though he can be ‘spooked’ by something unexpected he didn’t hear. He gets on fine with other cats, and probably with older kids.

Missie the catMissy came from a disabled owner in West Lothian who couldn’t manage a cat any more. She’s 3 years old, and black and white with a wee white stripe down her nose. She’s been indoors till now and has never lived with other animals, so she is rather wary in the Shelter, and needs to learn to trust again, but she was fine with kids in the past, and would benefit from a home with a garden once she gets her confidence back.

Jess the catJess is a big friendly black and white 2 year old boy who just loves cuddles! He gets on fine with older kids, and has lived with a mature cat. He came from west Edinburgh when his past owner moved to rented accommodation where cats were not allowed, so he’d really welcome an new loving home with access to a garden.

Tarot the catTarot is an inquisitive, purry lad who really wants to be pals with people, but he was very dominant over 2 female cats he lived with in East Lothian. However he lived with a collie dog, and should be ok with older children. He’s slim, black, and aged 2 and a half. An attentive owner with a garden would be great for him.

Buster the catWhen his West Lothian owner was made homeless, 4 year old Buster needed to find a new home too! He’s been only indoors and needs to learn to trust, so a home with access to a garden and no other animals or young children would be best for him. However he responds well to cat treats, and so a little patience should soon bring out his loving nature. He’s got black fur with a wee white ‘locket’ on his front.

Alfie & Patch, two lovely cats

When their past owner in Midlothian could no longer afford to look after them a pair of 2 year old cats called Alfie ad Patch had to come to LCR for rehoming together. They’re shy lads but both enjoy having their ears stroked, and may get on all right with kids and cats. Though they were indoor cats before, these youngsters would really benefit from access to a garden. Alfie is black with less white, while Patch lives up to his name with black patches on his white fur.

Kitkat the cat

KitKat is a 14 year old lilac tortoiseshell from West Lothian who has come to the Shelter on the death of her owner. She’s a quiet, gentle cat who likes to be stroked, and has lived fine with other cats, but she’s a bit shy and not used to kids, so an adult household would be nice for her senior years, preferably with a garden she could sit in.

Pusspuss the cat

A quiet, good-natured black and white mature cat turned up in a lady’s garden in south Edinburgh and wouldn’t leave. She was found to be hyperthyroid, but is fine on medication, so this amiable female, aged 10+ and now named PussPuss, is looking for a comfortable loving home without other cats, but maybe with older kids. A garden of her own to relax in would be nice for her too.

Chick the cat

After being unwanted, Chick was very scared when she first came to our Shelter in 2015, but now this 2-year-old black and white lady with a wee black nose, is far more confident, and is looking for new owners who will be patient with her and will continue to build up her trust. She gets on well with the other cats at our Shelter (she will put them in their place!), although she'd be best in a home with no young children. She needs garden access.

Angus/Snowy the cat

7-year-old Angus (a.k.a Snowy!) is a timid but friendly white lad who came to us because his Peebleshire owners work pattern meant they didn't have enough time for him. He would love to be the only pet in a home with a garden. He'd also prefer not to have to enjoy the attentions of younger children.

Oscar the cat

Black and white Oscar was kept indoors in his West Lothian home, so when his owner died it was quite a shock for him to find himself in our Rescue Centre. However he responds well to cat treats, so he’s looking for a quiet home with a patient owner, and maybe older kids, and hopefully access to a garden when he gets more confident. He’s 6 years old.

Molly the cat

Thankfully, the majority of the cats that come into our care very quickly find themselves loving forever homes. However for various reasons, some cats are with us for a longer stay. Click on the image above to see our special featured cat.

Mum cats being cared for in foster homes

We often have some mum cats whose kittens have been homed and are therefore ready to move to homes of their own. We try to home them directly from their foster homes to avoid them going through another stressful move to our Shelter, so if there is a phone number beside the picture of the cat you will know it is a mum cat.

Cookie the cat

Cookie is 3 to 4 year old female with semi-long grey and white fur. She’s affectionate, but does like her own way, and her elderly owner in East Lothian couldn’t cope. However a home, perhaps with children over 10 and maybe other cats, and outdoor access – and someone who’ll show her she’s not the boss! – should make her a rewarding pet.

Lucy the cat

Lucy is a shy tabby and white lass, but she really wants to be friends, and should be fine with children over about 10. She is 5 and a half, and has lived with a dog (though she wasn’t too keen on it). Her past owner in East Lothian could no longer look after her, so she’s looking for a loving permanent home with a garden.

Sooty the catA young sleek black cat was found living in a lady’s greenhouse in Midlothian! Sooty is only 1 year old, and is a friendly girl, though a bit timid, and may get on fine with kids over 7 and other cats. She’d appreciate a new home with access outdoors.

Luna the catA lilac tortoiseshell female called Luna has moved a couple of times, as she was owned by one sister in Edinburgh, then another in Midlothian who was working too long hours to look after a cat. Now this purry 4 year old, who likes to be stroked, needs a settled home of her own with access to a garden, without any other animals. She hasn’t lived with kids up till now.

Alfie the cat

Alfie is a young pale ginger and white lad aged 1. He needs a quiet adult household, as he’s never lived with kids or animals before, and was getting frustrated being kept indoors in his past Midlothian home. He’d welcome getting outside when he’s resettled.

Grant the cat

Found straying in the Granton area of Edinburgh, a big tabby cat of 5 or 6 was named Grant. He’s a bit depressed being in a pen, but responds well to strokes and treats. A home without other animals or young kids, with access outdoors, and loving owners should soon bring this lad ‘out of his shell’.

Tabitha the cat

Tabitha is a tabby and white old girl of 16 with a very friendly nature who loves a lap to sit on, and would be happy continuing as an indoor cat since her previous Edinburgh owner has gone to hospital. She’s very healthy for her age, apart from some arthritis. She’s not keen on other cats though.

Lucy the catWee Lucy came to us in December 2015, when a baby was expected by her Midlothian owners. She is 6 years old and has lovely thick black fur with a wee white locket. Lucy initially struggled to adjust to life with us at the Shelter, but now she enjoys access to our grounds, her sweet and inquisitive nature is really coming to the fore. She seems to tolerate the other cats, but would probably prefer to be an only pet. She might be ok with older children.

Karri the cat12-year-old Karri was unhappy in her previous Midlothian home, and showed her upset by toiletting inappropriately. She has been using her litter tray without issue at our Shelter, and once settled into a quiet, adult-only home without other pets, we have confidence that she will be a great companion. She would like a garden in which to sun herself and her lovely fluffy black fur.

Robbie the cat

Robbie, a strapping 5-year-old black and white chap, was causing quite a commotion in the Edinburgh area where he was straying! He was very unhappy when he first arrived with us, but has now had time to settle and whilst he can still be unpredictable, is much calmer. He is a chatty lad and loves ham! He might get on ok with other animals, but would prefer to live in an adult-only home with patient and understanding owners. He does need access to a garden.

Sonny the cat1 year old Sonny came from south Edinburgh, unneutered and apparently too boisterous for his owner there. However he’s a very affectionate young lad, and now he’s been neutered by LCR’s vet is if anything a wee bit nervous when handled, though he should be fine with older children. This white cat with black patches and a wee white bib needs a new start in a loving home where he can get outside to play and enjoy life again. He’s never lived with animals in the past.