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Cats Needing Homes

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4 September, 2014

The following cats are looking for homes just now, as well as many others in the Shelter. Some have had a difficult or fearful time before coming to LCR, so may need a quieter home or a patient, experienced owner. Our experienced staff are happy to advise on matching up the right cat to the right home.


Could you find a place in your heart and your home for any of these cats? If you are interested in any of the cats please contact the Shelter on 01875 821025 for more information and to check that they are still available. We usually have up to 60 cats in the Shelter, so do come along and visit as we may have just the very cat or cats for you and your family.

All cats are spayed, flead & wormed before homing.

Jackaboo the cat

Blackjack (above) and Jackaboo (two 4 or 5 year old black boys) together with Reaper (below left, a 2-year-old black and white girl), came to us because their previous owner from Knightsridge, West Lothian was moving and couldn't take them too. All three cats are affectionate, have lived with children and are fine with other cats. Reaper is a gentle girl and Blackjack is relaxed. Jackaboo (below right) was a former stray and is the most inquisitive of the bunch. All three cats would like a garden to explore in their new home(s).

Reaper & Blackjack, two lovely cats

Shadow the cat

Shadow is an energetic 1 1/2 -year-old lilac tortie and white girl who was found straying in Stoneyburn. She is full of fun, play and mischief, but can get a bit over-excited so she would probably be better in a home without small children. She may however be ok with other cats, and would very much like a garden to explore and burn off some energy!

Rosie the cat

Gorgeous Rosie - a 3 to 4 year-old girl with lovely fluffy pale ginger and white fur - was rehomed by LCR but was not enjoying living with the children in the home. As such an adult-only home, with a garden and where she can be the only cat would suit her best. She is a purry lady who likes strokes and attention.

Henry the cat

Four-year-old Henry is a friendly, chunky big black and white lad, who had been straying in the Barnton area of Edinburgh for several months. As well as being neutered by LCR he has also an operation on his eye to fix entropian, and he is now ready to find his forever home. He gets on fine with other cats and may be fine with older children. He would like the opportunity to get out and about in his new home.

Sunny the cat

Sooty the catSunny (above, a 3-year-old lad with lovely soft tabby fur) and Sooty (left, a 3-year-old tuxedo cat) came from a multi-cat household and are with us because their Penicuik owner moved away and left them behind. Sunny was very skittish on arrival but is coming on in leaps and bounds. Sooty is more relaxed and enjoys strokes and attention. Both boys - who can be rehomed separately - would like a garden in their new homes and once settled may get on fine with kids.

Zoe the cat

5-year-old Zoe is a placid and sweet-natured black girl who was found straying in Westerhailes. She is a purry girl who likes to be petted and may get on ok with other cats and in a house with children. She would like a garden to sun herself in.

Sierra & Tansey, two beautiful cats

Sierra (left) and Tansey (right) are a pair of 3-year-old tabby ladies who came to us because their Mayfield owner is moving overseas. They are quite different in character and really don't get on well together, so they will be rehomed separately. Sierra is friendly on her terms, but really does not like other cats and so needs to be an only animal in her new home. She would also prefer a home without children so that she can enjoy all the attention! Tansey is more relaxed and comfortable at the shelter, and she may be happy to share the attention in her new home! Both girls know how to use a cat flap and would like to be able to get outdoors in their new homes.

Cinders the cat

Cinders is a semi-longhaired black and white cat who was found straying with her kittens in the Slateford Road part of Edinburgh. She is a friendly cat who may get on fine with other cats and with children. Her kittens are now gone for homing, and 2 year old Cinders (now neutered by LCR) is ready for a forever home of her own where she can venture outdoors sometimes.

Pansy the cat

A shy but usually friendly tabby was found straying in Prestonpans, East Lothian, so has been named Pansy. She's 3 years old, and may get on fine with children and other animals, though she'd probably appreciate a fairly quiet household, and a garden to relax in.

Marty the catMarty is a 4 year old semi-longhaired black and white cat with a very unusual miaow who was found as a stray in Polbeth, West Lothian. He's new to the Shelter, so not very settled yet, but may be ok with older children and other cats when he finds a loving new home of his own, with a garden to get out into.


Tosh the cat

Tosh, a 3-4 year old white and black boy, came from a multiple cat household at the Jewel, Edinburgh. He is a timid but friendly boy with soft fur, who gets on fine with other cats but would prefer a quiet adult-only home. He needs access to a garden.

Lenny the cat

Lenny is a friendly lad, aged 2, but he would probably be a bit scared of boisterous kids, though he gets on fine with other cats, and would benefit from outdoor exercise. He is semi-long haired and black and white. The Shelter took him and his brother AJ when their Penicuik owner couldn't look after them any more, but AJ has now found his forever home.

Peach the cat

Peach was brought to LCR by a neighbour in Clermiston, Edinburgh when her owner moved - but didn't take the cat! She's a wee black 2 year old, who is affectionate but timid so would be best in a household where someone can build her confidence, perhaps with other cats, but with no kids under 12. She'd also appreciate getting out when she's braver.

Sooty the cat

A black cat with round golden eyes came as a stray from Ormiston, East Lothian. 3 year old Sooty was terrified in the Shelter at first, but each day is becoming more and more loving and trusting, so a kind owner with a garden, and possibly with other cats and/or children over 12, should with patience have a great wee companion.

click here to see Robyn, our special featured cat

Thankfully, the majority of the cats that come into our care very quickly find themselves loving forever homes. However for various reasons, some cats are with us for a longer stay. Click on the image above to see our special featured cat.

Mum cats being cared for in foster homes

We often have some mum cats whose kittens have been homed and are therefore ready to move to homes of their own. We try to home them directly from their foster homes to avoid them going through another stressful move to our Shelter, so if there is a phone number beside the picture of the cat you will know it is a mum cat.

Tigger the cat

Tigger (above, tortie and white) and Mickey (below, ginger and white) are a pair of 8-year-old fluffies who are with us because their owner from Knightsridge is moving and can't take them. They love each other and so we're looking for a together-forever home for them, with a safe garden for them to lounge in. Mickey is a great big softie who purrs on demand. Tigger is the more reserved of the two, but is also an affectionate girlie. They may be ok with children, and are fine with other cats.

Mickey the cat

Ruby the cat

1-year-old Ruby came to us because her previous owner in Dunbar could no longer look after her. She is a sweet-natured wee lady with sleek tortie and white fur. She has lived with children before and may be ok with other cats. She needs outside access in her new home.

Sparkle the catTabby Sparkle is 3 to 4 years old and was found straying in Wallyford, East Lothian. She is blessed with amazing green eyes and fantastic whiskers!! She likes strokes, seems to have a calm nature and may get on ok with cats and children in her forever home. She would like a garden to explore.

Jess the catWee Jess is a 3 year-old dark tortie lady who was found straying in East Lothian.. A lady took her in but she wasn't seeing eye-to-eye with her existing cat and dog. She was rather stressed on arrival, but now neutered she is much calmer and is ready to find her new home. She is playful and likes attention but doesn't like to stand still for a photo! And she will let you know when she has had enough attention. As such a home without small children, with a garden, and where she can be the only pet would suit her best.

Charlie & Leah, two lovely cats

12-year-old Charlie (left, black and white) and 9-year-old Leah (right, grey and white) were left behind when their owner moved from his Fauldhouse home! Charlie is a giant of a cat and is full of head-bumps and purrs. Leah seems more traumatized by her experience and, whilst friendly, is scared and timid at the moment. She needs to learn to trust again. Once settled they may be ok with older children, and would like a home with a safe garden to investigate.

Tigro the cat

Smudge the cat6-year-old Smudge (tortie and white, right) and 3-year-old Tigro (ginger and white, above) come from Dalkeith and are with us after their owner died and the person who took them in was made homeless. Both girls are friendly and sociable, and they love each other very much so must remain as a pair. They would like a garden to explore in their new home.


Missy the catMissy is a 6-year-old lass, with black fur and stunning emerald eyes, who finds herself with us because her previous owner in Broomhouse had too many cats. She is a friendly girl who enjoys being stroked, and just wants someone to give her the love and attention she deserves. She might be ok in house with children and would appreciate a garden in her new home.

Patch the cat

Patch is a 10-year-old black and white girl who came to us after straying in the East Craigs area. She is not particularly enjoying being at the Shelter and is a wee bit stressed, and so Patch will need a cat-savvy owner who is prepared to be patient and let her find her feet in her own time. Patch may be ok with other cats, but would prefer a quieter household without young children. She would like access to a garden.

Lucy the cat

Mickey the catLucy (tabby and white) and Mickey (black and white) are a pair of chunky 9-year-olds who find themselves with us after their Pilton owner passed away. Mickey is the more outgoing of the two, but both cats enjoy attention and strokes. They have been indoor cats up until this point, but we feel they would ideally benefit from having access to a safe garden. They are relaxed, and may be ok with older children.

Tessa the cat1-year-old Tessa finds herself with us because her previous East Calder owner is moving abroad and can't take Tessa too. She's a semi-long haired black lass with a wee white bib, who is a bit confused about why she has been uprooted from somewhere she felt safe and she will need a patient owner to help rebuild her trust. She has lived happily with other cats, but we feel a child-free home with a garden would suit her best.

Oscar the cat

Big tabby and white Oscar came to us because his owner from Wallyford was moving and couldn't take Oscar with him. He has lived with other animals and children happily before, and whilst it has taken him some time to find his feet in the Shelter he is now very much happier than he was on arrival and has decided that he actually quite likes to get his lovely chunky cheeks rubbed. 3-year-old Oscar will need an owner who understands it may take him some time to relax and show his true lovely character. He will also need garden access.

Josie the cat

Josie came to LCR as her past owner can't look after her any more due to illness. She's a slightly overweight black and white 7 year old who is friendly, but on her own terms, so would be best in a home without little children, though she may be ok with other animals. Outside exercise would do her good.

Treacle the catTreacle is a treacle-coloured (not quite black) and white lad aged 4 who was straying for a few months in the Leith Links area of Edinburgh. He loves people - and cat treat sticks (see photo) - and should get on fine with children and other cats. He'd welcome a garden to get out into from his new home.

Maisie the cat

Maisie came from Morningside when her previous owner could no longer look after her. She's 3 years old, and white and black. She's never lived with children or other animals, but she has a pleasant, relaxed nature, and would appreciate a home where she can get out of doors sometimes.

Missy the cat

Missy is a sleek 5-year-old black lady who finds herself with us because her Edinburgh owner went into hospital. She is friendly but can be a bit unpredictable so an adult-only home would suit her best. She has lived with another female cat but they didn't see eye to eye so she needs to be an only cat. She would like a garden to explore.