Updated on 21 September, 2017

Cats Needing Homes

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21 September, 2017

***Whilst every effort is made to keep this page up-to-date, to avoid disappointment it is always best to check with the wardens at the Shelter in case a cat that you might wish to home has already found its forever home.***

The following cats are looking for homes just now, as well as many others in the Shelter. Some have had a difficult or fearful time before coming to LCR, so may need a quieter home or a patient, experienced owner. Our experienced staff are happy to advise on matching up the right cat to the right home.


Could you find a place in your heart and your home for any of these cats? If you are interested in any of the cats please contact the Shelter on 01875 821025 for more information and to check that they are still available. We usually have up to 60 cats in the Shelter, so do come along and visit as we may have just the very cat or cats for you and your family.

All cats are spayed, flead & wormed before homing.

Star the cat

Star is a big sleek black 4 year old chap with an affectionate nature who enjoys being stroked, after living as a stray for a while. He may get on ok with other cats and older children in a home with outdoor access.

Monty the cat

A purry, chatty black and white cat called Monty with a white stripe down his nose is very affectionate and may relate well to children, though he’d be best as an ‘only’ cat in a home with a garden. He’s 3 years old.

Harry & Styles, two lovely cats

Harry and Styles are two 4 year old brothers looking for a home together. These tabby lads are a bit shy but relax when stroked and should be fine with kids over about 12, though they’ve not been used to other animals so far. They would benefit from outdoor access from their new home.

Dinky the cat

Big black Dinky loves having his ears stroked, though he’s a bit nervous in the Shelter after being found straying. He may be all right with children and other animals, and would certainly like a garden to explore.

Bran the cat

Grey and white Bran is tranquil and friendly, but after straying for a long time he’d be best homed without other animals or young children, but in a home where he can get out sometimes. He’s 5 years old.

Kat the cat

A cat with soft semi-long black fur and a little white ‘bib’ called Kat was very frightened of dogs when she came to LCR, and hasn’t been used to children so far, so a quiet home with a garden would suit her best. She is 4 years old and loves to be stroked.

Selina the cat

An affectionate tortoiseshell and white cat called Selina came to LCR unwanted with kittens. Now neutered by LCR’s vet, she needs a loving home of her own where she can enjoy getting outdoors at times. She’s 2 years old.

Tigger the cat7 year old Tigger is a very friendly ginger cat looking for affection. He’s said to prefer a male owner, but loves having his head rubbed (by a female!), and may get on ok with other cats and children, in a home with access to a garden.

Charlie the cat

Charlie has ginger fur with a white bib and paws. He’s a 9 year old chap who likes a conversation, and is usually friendly, so should be ok with kids over about 12, but with no other cats. A home with a garden would be great for him.

Bilbo the cat

Bilbo (above) and Scooby (below) are two 12 year old guys who came to LCR together. Bilbo is black and likes to be stroked, while Scooby has semi-long black and white fur and is a bit more timid, so they’d be best in an adult household without other animals, but with a garden they can relax in in their senior years.

Scooby the cat

Jess the cat

Jess (above) and Baby (below) want to be friends with people, but they’re scared in a pen, as they’ve been kept indoors and are not used to other animals. However they may be fine with older children once they get more confident, and would at 6 and 4 years old certainly benefit from being allowed out. Baby has a black coat, and Jess is black and white.

Baby the cat

Wylie the cat

Wylie is a shy lad, after being found as a stray by the SSPCA and eventually brought to Lothian Cat Rescue, but at 3 years old he responds well to cat treats and strokes, and in a quiet setting he may be all right with older children and with other cats. He’s got a fluffy black coat with a white bib, paws and whiskers. He’d welcome a home where he could get outdoors when he’s got his confidence back.

Scotty the cat

Big tabby Scotty was rather nervous, having been brought from his Edinburgh home after his owner had died, but now he’s allowed outdoors this 4 or 5 year old chap is learning to love and trust humans and cats again, though he’d be best in a home without kids under 12.

Molly the cat

Molly arrived with us in February 2015 and is a black and white female of 11 looking for a quiet home without other animals or children, as she was getting very stressed in her previous home. She is a friendly girl, although she will let you know when she's had enough! She will need garden access.

Zoltan the cat

Zoltan is a pale ginger and white 1 year old boy with golden eyes who is a bit scared in the Shelter after straying for a couple of weeks, so he’d be best in a household without other animals or young children. However he responds well to being petted, and should settle down soon in a loving home with outside access.

Oreo, our special featured cat

Thankfully, the majority of the cats that come into our care very quickly find themselves loving forever homes. However for various reasons, some cats are with us for a longer stay. Click on the image above to see our special featured cat.

Mum cats being cared for in foster homes

We often have some mum cats whose kittens have been homed and are therefore ready to move to homes of their own. We try to home them directly from their foster homes to avoid them going through another stressful move to our Shelter, so if there is a phone number beside the picture of the cat you will know it is a mum cat.

Harry the cat

3 year old Harry is a big friendly lad with black and white fur and an independent streak, who just loves getting out and about in the grounds of the Lothian Cat Rescue. He should get on ok with kids over about 12, and perhaps with other animals.

Voodoo the cat

Little black and white Voodoo is 4 years old but seems younger. She is terrified in the Shelter at the moment, having been kept indoors, but she apparently got on fine with older children in her previous home, and may be ok with other animals once she gets her confidence back. She would also really benefit from getting outdoors at times.

Katy the catKaty has semi-long black and white fur and golden eyes. She seems to have lived as a ‘little princess’ with a single owner who is now too unwell to look after her, so she’s not used to kids or other animals. An attentive adult owner(s) with a garden would be best for this 3 and a half year old.

Cersei the cat

Karri the catKarri (right) and Cersei (above) are 2 little black females who seem to get on together in the Shelter, but could be homed separately or together. Both are friendly. Karri is 1 year old and the shyer of the two, while 6 month old Cersei, who has a little white ‘locket’ on her front, is more outgoing. Both have been kept indoors till now but as young active cats LCR strongly believe they do need to get outdoors sometimes. They seem to get on with other cats, but would be best not homed with young kids.

Elvis the cat

An affectionate, laid back 2 year old lad with sleek black and white fur called Elvis was being bullied by another cat in his previous home, so he’d be best in a house no other animals, though he should get on ok with older children. He’d welcome getting outside at times.

Lewis the cat

Lewis is a purry, affectionate 6 year old ginger and white chap who was found straying. He may be fine with children and other cats, and would certainly welcome access to a garden from his new home.

Dave, Simon, Larry & Oreo, four lovely cats

Four 1 year old black cats called Dave, Simon, Larry and Oreo came from a multi-cat household (one was unavailable for the photoshoot!). All these boys are very scared after being kept indoors, taking comfort in each other’s company, but respond well to gentle stroking and cat treats, and should be ok with children over about 10. They should be allowed outside once they learn to relax in their new home.

Chick the cat

3 year old Chick is a fluffy plumpish white and black female who is a bit shy, but likes to be petted. She enjoys getting out and about and gets on fine with other cats though she’s never lived with children till now.

Diego the cat

Diego (above) and Karma (below) are looking for a home together, preferably with a garden, and maybe with children over 12. Diego is aged 2, while Karma is only 8 months old. Both are black and white and are a placid friendly pair, though Carma is a bit shy in her new surroundings at the Shelter.

Carma the cat

Aurea the cat

Ishtar the catIshtar (left) and Aurea (above) are two tortoiseshell females. Aurea is the one with a golden paw. They are a bit timid as they’ve never lived with children or animals so far, but they both really appreciate a quiet voice and a gentle stroke, and should respond well if they’re homed together with a loving owner. They are 7 years old.

Roxy the cat

Roxy is a 9 year old little lilac tortoiseshell with a white bib and paws, who’s a bit unsettled in the Shelter after being afraid of a new dog in her past household, so she’s looking for a calm owner she can learn to trust, without other animals or children. Access to a garden would be good for her too.

Liam the cat

Liam is a very chubby tabby 5 year old cat. He is friendly and strokeable with people but is not too keen on other cats and hates dogs! He’s a bit arthritic as he’s recovering from an old injury (and carrying a bit of weight?!) so a home without kids under about 12 where he can get some outside exercise would suit him fine.

Indiana the cat

Indiana (above) and Jinxy (below), like Alfie, came from a home with dogs and chickens and horses, but these two senior ladies should be homed together, with outside access, but no young kids. Indiana is 10 years old with an affectionate nature and soft black fur, while 11 year old Jinxy is a plump, purry tabby.

Jinxy the cat

Annie the cat

Annie is a chatty white and black female aged 5. She’s not lived with kids before, and can be a bit temperamental at times, so an adult home with access outdoors would be best for her.