Updated on 13 December, 2017

LCR in Action

Here are some stories of day-to-day life in the Shelter

Beauty & Cinders – seeing past the hisses

Big Beauty and wee Cinders found themselves with us in mid October, after life took a cruel turn. When their previous owner sadly passed away, these 3-year-old fluffy black girls with wee white chest lockets, were turned out to fend for themselves, which they had been doing for many months.

Cinders & Beauty, two lovely catsPhysically, they were in reasonable shape. Their soft long fur was badly matted but otherwise they had clean bills of health. Emotionally, they had bigger mountains to climb. They were understandably bewildered – in a short amount of time they had lost the person they loved and trusted, lost their home, adjusted to being on the streets and then found themselves at our shelter with all its unfamiliar noises and smells. But in spite of what they had been through, and their confusion and fear, these girls showed a level of resilience and a capacity to trust which melted our hearts.

In their pen, the girls were growly and hissy each time they were approached, but when we spent a little time with them – just a couple of minutes - you could visibly see their guards come down. They had head bumps and purrs to give, and once back in a loving home environment we were sure that they would very quickly reveal themselves to be incredible softies. We just prayed that someone would give them a chance, and those few minutes to get past the growls and hisses.

Happily, our prayers were answered. We shared a video of the girls on our facebook page to help to show their potential, and this prompted a lovely lady to come and meet the girls. They left our shelter the very next day, and within 24 hours we received pictures showing the girls had well and truly made themselves at home. We always love a happy ending, and these fluffy ladies certainly deserve theirs.

Big Liam’s second chance and a new lease of life

One of our longest stay guests, we were delighted when Big Liam chose his people in late September.

Liam the catHe had spent much of 2017 at our shelter and spent over a year with us before that. Liam is a cheeky chap with restricted mobility in his hind legs as the result of an old injury to his hips. He is also a very chunky boy, and this combined with his old injury meant that in spite of him only being a relatively young cat, he suffered from mild arthritis. We gave Liam a groundpass so he could benefit from some much-needed exercise but he was aggressive to the other groundscats and because of this he had to go back into a pen. This made us sad because he really needed more space to move and exercise than a pen can provide.

So we were thrilled when he chose a home of his own with no other pets where he will have the opportunity to be king of his own castle. His new Mum updated us: "As I am writing this Liam is happily snoring on the sofa. He has managed getting up the stairs very easily and can almost sprint up and down them. He loves lots of attention, is very affectionate and loves playing, so he is getting exercised with chasing things about and using the stairs, he will be a trim, fine figure of a man soon".

Well done Liam - we wish you and your new people very many happy years together.

Dave, Larry, Oreo and Simon – our fab four

When a group of adult 4 cats come to us from a single household it's sadly rare for us to be able to find a single home to take on all four. Even if the cats are well bonded, we are usually faced with the reality of having to split the cats into two pairs to rehome.

Four fabulous catsSo when black boys Dave, Larry, Oreo and Simon arrived with us in September following the sad passing of their owner, we held little hope that they would find a new together-forever home. These sleek black boys were aged 2 to 3 years old and, to the eye, are almost identical, although they do have different personalities! They also really loved each other and so the prospect of splitting them up wasn’t something we wanted to do.

In rescue, things often don’t turn out the way we would like. But just sometimes they do. This was to be one of those times, and we were delighted and amazed when a gentleman came to our shelter asking to meet the "group of four" black boys. And so Dave, Larry, Oreo and Simon headed off to start the next chapter of their lives. Happily Together.

Working cats need homes too

Working catsWe currently have around 20 cats living on the grounds of our shelter. These cats range from around 2 to around 8 years of age and come in all shapes and colours. Whilst most of these cats are often not too keen on interacting with humans, they are without exception great with other cats, and are well suited to living with feline company as working cats, in rural, farm and stable situations. In exchange for a regular supply of food and water, and somewhere safe and warm to shelter, they will happily keep their home territory rodent free. Like all our cats, before leaving us our groundscats are neutered, parasite free and have been microchipped. If you know anyone who might be interested in giving a home to a pair (or more!) of our groundscats, please do get in touch with our Shelter – 01875 821025.